Why the snow falls

It's a short myth about some Irish travelers and their daughter, Aislin.


1. Why the snow falls


Aislin ran across the field. Her hair swept up by the wind, her bare-feet stroking the grass. She danced on the breeze and twirled in the world of the forests, also known as Ireland. This was many years ago, or so my Dad tells me.

  Anyway, Aislin was 14, curious and always had to know the truth. One day, her family came across a large expanse of water, which they named the Lake. Beyond the Lake sat a cave, large and shadowed, like the minds of humans nowadays. But of course, Aislin had to know more.

  Her parents didn't trust the Lake and wouldn't let her try to cross it. So she learned to swim under the cover of the night until she dared to cross the river.

  She swam through its murky depths, kicking away the weeds and plants that threatened to entangle her legs. Pulling herself up onto the ledge, she looked around. It was dark. She shivered and pulled her damp clothes around her, preparing for the long wait.

  As her parents woke, they found her missing. Immediately knowing where she had gone, they sat and prepared for the long wait.

  Aislin fell into a deep sleep. Her dreams brought her bursts of dark waves and flowing lines of bubbles. Soon the sun rose and her wait began to end.

  Aislin began to explore the cave. Ice formations had exploded all over the walls. Aislin slipped; Ice sprayed everywhere and splashed into the wind.

  As the sun rose, Aislin's parents finally stopped waiting as a large splash echoed in the distance.

  Aislin fell. Darkness burst above her head, lines of bubbles burst upwards.

  As the pieces of ice sprayed in the wind, Aislin's parents named it Snow in the hopes that it would blow around the Earth forever in remembrance of their daughter.


"And that is why the snow falls."


"Really Dad? Wow."


"And did you know, In Ireland, Aislin means Vision".

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