time to start over

There is a girl named jamie, she has a lovley boyfriend, or so she thinks, but he starts to abuse her when his mom dies, and she just doesnt know how to push him away.


1. seeeing what I did last night..

! I crawl out of my bed, and walk over to my bathroom mirror. I look at my eyes, my hands, everything about me looked dreadful. I pull at my hair that was covered in blood from last nights party that still haunted me. I was too weak to do anythinglast night at the party, I still hurt all over. I have bruises covering mostly every inch of me. I remember me sitting on the dloor of the bathroom at the party, scratching at my skin, to stop the pain, but it just hurt worse. He watched what I was doing. He was even helping me hurt myself. It didnt used to ne this way. He would tell me I was perfect. That I didnt  need to change. But a couple of weeks ago, his mom was on the phone with him and he was telling her that he loved her, but then the phone went to static and he threw the phone at the wall so hard it was completely crushed, just like his heart. He kneq his mom died. Well all knew. I was there watching him. Making sure that my boyfriend was alright. He ignored me that night and went to a stupid party that I never thought he would ever go to. I hate that this happened to him. I just thought that I was the only one with problems, that I was not ok but I knew better than to think that beacuse james was not ok. He will never be ok agein, beacuse his mom is dead.

"Im ok,"i tried out the words . My voice was hourse, and weak.what i said ws a lie. Im not ok. Im terrible right now. I need help.

"Honey? Are you here? I know ive been gone for awhile but im back. Honey?"my mom came into my room looking for me. There my mom was, trying to be a good mother, but this was new to her. She didnt even know about me until a xouple of weeks ago. She stares at me now, not sure what to say beacuse of how horrible of a saughter i am.

"Mom, i.."i started to say but she pulled me in her arms and held me closely. I loved how she knew when somethinh was wrong amd i didnt even tell her anything. My mom leaves me alone at home amd has a lot of days she travel so i usualy do everything alone.

"Its all right honey, dont worry, i got you, i just wish you wouldnt have went to that party, you look terrible honey,"she said kissing me on the forehead. 

"Thanx for stating the obvious mom, that makes me fewl so much better now,"i said sarcastically., looking up at her and than laying my head on her shoulder.

"I try my best"she said smiling at me.

"Come on jamie, lets get you cleaned up, i just wished you didnt do this to yourself honey,"she said

I smiled weakly at my mom as she sat me down in the bathroom, amd atarted fixing everything that happened last night


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