Loving my brotherz band

*1D not famous*
Haylee Styles is Harry Styles twin they are insepatiable.
When Haylee fall for one of the boys after her break up what will happen.
But when 2 best mates fall for her who will get her?


12. Truth or Dare

                       So Last time Ca'rlee and the boy were over nothing really happened soooo... they all stood there kind of awkward Sooooooooo............Hours pass and Louis decides to play to truth or dare!




Hayleea POV

      Harry get your Azz down here right now we are playing Truth or Dare LEGGO!" Louis screamed at Harry

          "its okay I'm not gonna say anything I promise!"I scream

     "Cominggggggg" He screams

   "Lets get this party started!" Lou screams

       Okay Haylee Truth or Dare? Liam ask me

    Hmmmmm..... Dare DUH I reply

      Okay ummmm dare you to tell your mum your 6 months Prego with Niall's kid Liam replys

 Come on Niall

 Can I bring my food?

Yea now lets do this

 Nobodys part so lets call him Booby

 Booby POV:

 So Haylee and Niall walk up stairs hand and hand . Haylee told her mum and mum freaked out the boys and Carlee laughed downstairs as Haylee explain it was a dare but her mum didn't listen and took her to get an ultrasound and  brought Niall along

Carlees POV:

Wow do u guys always do this?

Yeahhhh... Kinda Louis loves truth or dare and I usually don't do any dare to Haylee but I liked that one...

Why did u pick Niall? You all know I have a huge crush on her! Louis states

 Man shoot that's right Haylee told me she like one guy... Liam says and I know who he is talking about... Niall.


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