Loving my brotherz band

*1D not famous*
Haylee Styles is Harry Styles twin they are insepatiable.
When Haylee fall for one of the boys after her break up what will happen.
But when 2 best mates fall for her who will get her?


9. Lunch

                                            At Lunch**

         "Haylee, who is this?" Harry asked as I walked to the table with Carlee by myside.

         "Car this is Harry,Louis,Liam,Zayn,and Niall" I introduced the boys. "And bys this is Car or Carlee."

        "Soooooooo, Harry got another date tonight? I ask

    "No I'm done dating for a bit...girls keep cheating on me"Harry replied.

         "Hey T this is Carlee, Shes new!" I tell my boyfriend as he aproches the table.

       Hey Hay Hi Carlee ummm Haylee can I talk to you alone? T.J, asked

        "Yea i guess , Guys i'll be back" I told the others be nice to Carlee!"

      "Haylee I cant date you anymore i dont feel the way i used to when i am with you I'm sorry" T.J said

    "Well atleast you told me why... But whatever.... Bye.... And.DONT. EVER. TALK. TO .ME

   "Haylee wait..."T yelled after me.

    I walked into the lunch room to see everyone laughing then Harry saw me and instanily stopped laughing and ran over to me..

     "Haylee,WHAT HAPPENED?"Harry asked/yelled

    "Just T.J. and me he broke up with me!" I said between sobs

     "Haylee its okay lets go to the toliet to get you cleaned up!" Carlee said comforting me.

   "Thanks carlee even though we just met you have been a better friend then taylor all shes good for is making out with Zayn."I tell my new Best Friend Carlee!

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