Loving my brotherz band

*1D not famous*
Haylee Styles is Harry Styles twin they are insepatiable.
When Haylee fall for one of the boys after her break up what will happen.
But when 2 best mates fall for her who will get her?


11. Home<3

                                                      so last time Haylee called Carlee her new best friend and totally dised Taylor.... Now Haylee invited Carlee to spend the night and Harry invited all the boys...... Lets see where this night is HEADED!





                Haylees POV:

                      *DING DONG*

                             'Carlee is that you?'I scream

                                'ummm...yea can I come in? 'She asked

                                  'chick don't ask to come in walk in you're my bestfriend so I have to let you in my house no matter what!'I say as she walking in to the living room and plops on the couch right next to me.

      'CARLEEEEEEEEEEEE' Louis screams as he spots her. 

                     *thud*'OWWW' *THUD THUD*

                       Niall asked harry "Mate are you okay you seem to like to fall around you're own house. Haylee is your brother always falling like this?'

    Nahhhhhh,Elizabeth  probably text him saying ILOVEYOU! ;* I say.

       Harry just blushes and runs up stairs.

  Awwwwwww Haz are you embarrassed? Because my best friends here and i didn't tell you she was coming and you trip so many time in just  you underwear or because Elizabeth told you she loved you? i scream up the stairs.

 'Both for your info!' He shouts back

I love you Harry and you know you love me 2 there is not denying because I'm ur twin and YOU HAVE TO LOVE OR I WILL TELL MUM WHY YOU WERE HOME LATE THAT ONE NIGHT OR WHEN YOU-------

HEYYYYY i say as they uncover my mouth after i licked there hand.

EWWWWWWWWWW Louis shouts.

Why did you stop me? huh? huh? I ask Louis

Well one reason I have no idea where that came up and right after i put my hand over your mouth your mum pulled in the drive way and you're not suppose to tell her any of the- Heyyyy Mummmmmmmm

Hello Louis,Haylee,Liam,Zayn,Niall and Who are you? mum asked pointing to Carlee

Ummm I'm Carlee Haylees-

My bestfriend. I intrude.

Ohhhhh okay shes the one your school called about you taking the day off if you wanted!

yeaaa that's her


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