Loving my brotherz band

*1D not famous*
Haylee Styles is Harry Styles twin they are insepatiable.
When Haylee fall for one of the boys after her break up what will happen.
But when 2 best mates fall for her who will get her?


7. Carlee


                                   Haylees POV:

            "Hi Carlee ummm... i guess I will be showing you to you're classes!"

             "Yeah, Are you of one of the preppy popular girls?" Carlee asked.

           "I'm popular but not preppy trust me... We should sit by eachother by lunch" I said "Buttt...I have alot of friends."

       "Thats okay I dont mind as long as i dont get bullied like at my old school!" Carlee said.

  " Alright here is your first class I'm gonna pick you up here so wait for me..." I told

      "Okay thanks Haylee?" Carlee replied

    "See ya next period." I said "Bye Bye Car Imma call you that!

  "Okay!" Car says!

      "Bye gurl!" I say

     I walked to First Period...

      "Hey, Hay why did you have to go down to the office?" Louis says

       " I had to show the new girl around to her classes and she sitting with us at lunch she had been bullied at her old school so I want her to feel comfortable here I mean this is a pretty nice school." I told Louis!

  Ok, I can't sit with El anymore she keeps cheating on me and I broke up with her and she keeps calling me Hay please tell her to stop...PLEASE! Louis pleaded



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