Loving my brotherz band

*1D not famous*
Haylee Styles is Harry Styles twin they are insepatiable.
When Haylee fall for one of the boys after her break up what will happen.
But when 2 best mates fall for her who will get her?


4. Car Ride


*Authors Note* Hey Guys just to let you know I am going to have nicknames for the boys Harry's is HarBear,Louis's is LouLou,Liam's is Liam,and Niall's is NiNi  Zaynnnnnieyyyyy. Thanks For Reading :)


  Guyssss :) I Yelled as i came down the stairs.

As soon as i got at the end of the stairs I Taylor and Zayn holding hands. Aweee

  Taylorrrrr what are you doing here? Its 6:30 in fucking morning? I asked

  Well someones not a happy camper! Lou remarked

You know what I cant stand you people anymore. I mean god I cant have a rest I mean Harry wakes me up 4 hours early and makes me make him breakfeast. He lets Mum sleep and I have to clean the house his bedroom Mums bedroom.  I never get a god damn break. I state

 They all look shocked

Wow, I never knew you felt like that. Her a voice I knew by heart. MUM

I'm sorry Mum I'm just a bit agervated. I told her truthfully

Honey dont apoligize the one that should being sorry is me I tell Harry to wake you but not to early or you'll get like this.

Mum said.

Hay, I am soo sorry, HarBear says.

Har, Dont start I'm not in the mood i just wanna go to breakfeast. I state

Have fun. Harry yelled as I walked out the door with 3 boys on my side and 1 not Liam Liam Payne my brothers most annoying friend.

I heard babbling about toy story and knew who it was Liam fucking Payne shut the hell up abot damn toy storty for 2 fucking minutes.

Some one needs a nap!!!!! Liam yells

Liam I'm gonna jump out of the car in 2 seconds if you dont shut up


I opened the door and jumped. It didnt hurt I have done that many of times. Both me and Harry

Mum and Dad used to fight all the time in the car restraunats home, when we were in the car HarBear used to nodded and open the door and jump. We never got hurt ever.

I ran tworads home  I slammed in the door to see Har sleeping on the couch

I have wait for this day. I slowly pick up the air horn and blasted it in his ear he emiditily woke up.

Hahahahaahaahahahahaha i was on the floor laughing

Where are the boys

I shrugged my shoulders and walked up to my bedroom.

For some reason I keep thinking about Niall but also Louis.

HMMMM must of been because of the way they looked at me when I came down the stairs.

Niall and Louis's POV:

 I cant get HAYLLEE out of my head why  i dont have a crush on her do I? I hope not that would ruin our friendship :(



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