R5 Love Story 3

The third R5 love story


2. Wecome to North Carolina

As we prepared for take off, RIker sat down and fell asleep. "Bell are you sure you're up for this flight, lately you been throwing up, fainting." Rydel said to me while I watched my sleeping husband. In the middle of the flight I rushed to the bathroom to puke. Mrs. Lynch(Stormie) Held my hair back. " Bella have you ever thought you might be preganant?Stormie asked me. Once we got to North Carolina, I went to CVS to get a preganacy test. I took it and, yep I'm preganant. "Riker!Riker guess what?" I said happily. I handed him the prenacy test. He looked at it. He spun me around. "Bell that's amazing,I'm gonna be a dad!" Riker said. "Woah what's going on?" Ross asked. "Ross you're gonna be a uncle." I said. His mouth dropped open. "Guys Bella's prenganant!" Ross screamed. Everyone rushed into the room screaming. " I'm gonna be a Auntee!" Rydel screamed. And I am gonna be a mom.

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