R5 Love Story 3

The third R5 love story


9. The first night

We turned my old room in a nursery for the twins. Me and Riker put the babies in their cribs. I collapsed on the couch. "Bella  do you want a milkshake?" Riker asked. I perked up. "YES!!!!!!!!!" I screamed.  Riker turned on the blender. I heard a small cry. I ran to the babies room. To see Ashlee and Lillian crying and hitting each other in the face. I picked them up and kissed them on the foreheads. I carried them into the living room and put them in their highchairs. I walked in to the kitchen. "Riker come help me feed Lillian and Ashlee." I said walked out of the kitchen with two bottles. I sat in front of Lillian and held the bottle up to her little lips. "Hey Bella tomorrow I'm going to the Rage. Do you wanna come?" Riker asked while feeding Ashlee. "Sure I love to go to the Rage. But who's gonna watch the kids?" Said I. "What's up Mom and Dad?" Ryland asked while walking in. "Hey Ry can you watch the twins I want to take Bella out." Riker said.

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