R5 Love Story 3

The third R5 love story


4. Suprise

"RIker on the way home can we get ice cream?" I asked. Riker nodded while starting the car. We got ice cream and went home. When we got home everyone was watching tv. "I want ice cream too!" Ross cried in a baby voice. "Just to celebrate we got ice cream Rossy." Riker said. we handed him the ultrasound pictures. "You guys are having twins?!" Ross screamed.  I nodded. "When they come you help change diapers." I told Ross. "NO!!!" He screamed. "So, you're having twins, dear lord. when they come they better not wake me up." Rydel said. I giggled at her statement. "Can we see the baby bump?" stormie asked. I rolled up my shirt to reveal my baby bump. "Aw, Mark don't you remember the days I was preganant with Riker." RIker shot his mom don't tell the story look. "I always had a craving for banna cream pie while was preganant with him." Stormie said. Great for some reason I want peanut butter. Just overcome it, Bella. RIker was blushing so I guessing while I was zoned out his mom said somtihng to embrass him. "Rikey I'm gonna go to bed good night. I told him. The most painful night of my life.

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