R5 Love Story 3

The third R5 love story


3. Doctors

I have to go to the doctor to check on my baby. I'm four weeks preganant, and my baby bump is starting to show. As me and Riker drive to the doctor's office, I rub my slightly swollen belly. "I'm so happy that we're going to be parents, Bella." Riker said holding my hand. We arrived at the doctor's office,  we looked at each in excitement. We walked in to the doctor's office. " Yes I have a appointment for Isabella Lynch." I whispered so no one would mob me and RIker. The nurse pointed to the door, Me and Riker walked thru the door. "Hello you must be Bella, my name is Doc. Hawthorn, who's this? She said. "This is Riker, he's the baby's father." I said. "Alrighty then Mrs.Lynch lay down and pull up your shirt." Doc. Hawthron said. I laid down on the table and pulled my shirt up to show my baby bump. Doc rub this cold gel on my somach then gently rolled a special device on my somach. "Oh this is a surpise, you're having twins!" Doc said. Riker mouth was wide open. "Rikey close your mouth please." I said to Riker. Riker started doing his happy dance. "Does he need medical attention?" said Doc. I shook my head. "Come on silly, thank doc !" I said Pulling Riker out the room. We stopped by the front desk to get a shapshot of the ultrasound.We left the buiding smiling

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