R5 Love Story 3

The third R5 love story


7. Denver

"They're both girls!" Doc Said.


I thought back to that day. Today we're going to Riker's Little cousins. He has one big family. "We're here!" Mark said jumping out of the van. I'm 30 weeks now. "Rwiker!" Cried a little girl . "Evie! Look how big you've become. Evie, do you remember Bella?" Riker asked. She nodded. "Bella! Can you come help me pick out outfit for tonight's dinner?"She asked in her adorable little voice. "Sure sweetheart!" I said. We walked up stairs. "Bella why is your tummy so big?" She asked as I looked at her outfits, she was definly related to Delly. "Me and Riker are going to have twins." I said happily. "Can I talk to them?" She asked."They can't understand yet sweetheart." I said. "Can I go play with Ratliff?" She asked. "Go ahead sweetie, I need to go find Riker." I said. I groaned in pain. "Evie! Go get Riker now!" I screamed. SHe ran down the stairs. "Riker! Riker Something is wrong with Bella!" I heard her scream. Riker ran up the stairs to see me in pain. "Riker the twins are coming."

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