Life of a school girl

This is for girls aged 8+


2. Not so good

For the next year of my life I have been living a lie I didn't tell any one until I got into year five. One day I told Sophia to stop following Shannon (because she had started to do this now) and all she said was go away no one actually likes you except for Shannon and any way she is my BFF not its and all I wanted to do was turn back my life and tell them how I really felt the I wouldn't have this problem. But now it all came blurting out and Sophia started crying and since she is the teachers pet all the teachers came running back to her oh Sophia oh Sophia what's wrong. And the little poo Sophia screamed out SHE HIT ME SHE KICKED ME when I hadn't done any thing st all this just got me suspended and from now on I tell my mum anything that happens at school so if anyone lies my mum knows the truth!
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