The Pact

What happens when you and your best friend, from all throughout primary school and high school, make a pact that if you are both single at the high schools 10 year graduates reunion that you will get together?

Lillian (or Lily) is a 27 year old world famous singer. The day she left for her world tour 18 months ago her best friend Matt was no where to be found. For 2 months Lily called every night at the same time trying to talk to him, she simply gave up calling. It's now been those 10 years after her high school graduation and she receives the invitation.
Zayn has been there for Lily when she's cried over Matt numerous times, or when nasty rumours began to spread about her. He's been in love with her for 10 months but knows she could never love him as long as she loved Matt.

Will she be able to let go of Matt? OR
Will she chose him over Zayn?

*BTW Zayn is 20 in this story... Yeah I know 7 year age gap but so what? They're adults so it shouldn't matter.*


4. #welcomehomelillian


Like always we drifted off to sleep, sprawled across the lounge room. Waking up from the sun peaking through the blinds I found myself with Zayn’s arms wrapped around me as we were on the couch spooning. I lifted my head up and took a look around the room. Harry and Louis were spooning on a single seat recliner while Niall was on the floor with a heap of pillows and Liam was on the two-seater couch across from Zayn and I. I decided just to lie there until Zayn woke up since he’s never in the best moods in the morning.


“Morning.” Zayn said with his hot breath tickling my neck.

“Morning to you too. Could I get up? You know I still have to pack right?” I say annoyed at how long I’ve been waiting for him to wake up.

“Of course.” He said releasing me from his grip. Slowly getting up to find that I have a sore neck and the rest of the guys are still asleep.

“Don’t bother waking them they will wake up when I start cooking pancakes.” Zayn said now standing and making his way to the kitchen. I make my way up to the guest room that has been my room for the last 2 months. Deciding on taking a shower I set out my clothes for the day and packed the rest of my things.


-Skip shower-


Walking back downstairs I was hit with the smell of pancakes. As I walked into the lounge room it was empty so I guess they must have smelled the pancakes too. The kitchen was full of 5 shirtless guys all in their boxers.

“Morning.” Niall said as he patiently waited at the kitchen bench for his pancakes.

I got a lot of mumbled mornings, so I guess the others didn’t get great sleep either.

“Zayn when is the flight?” I ask getting onto a stool.

“In about 2 hours. I’m already packed and the rest of the guys will be dropping us off. We have to leave straight after breakfast.” He said turning around. I stifled a laugh as I noticed him in a hot pink apron with a cupcake on it. I couldn’t hold the laughter in any longer, the pink totally clashed with his orange boxers.

“What?” He asked innocently.

“The… The apron!” I say before falling into another laughing fit.

“For your information this apron makes me feel manlier so don’t be laughing.” He said matter-of-factly.

“What ever floats your boat.” I say before taking the plate of pancakes that was in his hand and placing it in front of me.

“Hey they were mine!” Niall shot at me getting up and making his way towards me. Quickly I picked up the 3 pancakes and shoved them in my mouth. It wasn’t long before someone the half that was hanging out of my mouth away. I opened my eyes to see Zayn with them in his mouth.

“What just happened?” I asked.

“Nothing.” Zayn says before going back to make Niall some pancakes. I looked over at Liam, Harry and Louis for them to explain whilst Niall and Zayn were occupied by the pancakes.

“Zayn stopped Niall from going to you while you closed your eyes and well…” Harry said.

“Zayn pretty much leant in like he was going to kiss you but ripped the pancake of with his mouth instead.” Louis finished for him happily. I turned to Zayn who was clearly not paying attention as him and Niall argued over the size of the pancakes.

Without saying anything I went up to the guest bedroom and checked I had everything ready.


20 minutes later Zayn calls me from downstairs and I swiftly pick up my 2 bags carrying them out to the hallway before Harry and Niall snatch the bags from my hands.

“Thanks.” I say as we made our way downstairs.

“Alright let’s get going.” Liam says taking his keys off of the rack.


-Skip drive to airport-


“Flight 708 to Perth now boarding.” A ladies voice rang out through the room.

“Well that’s our plane.” Zayn said picking up his carry on bag. I got up too pulling my Sudoku book and bag with me. The rest of the boys stood up and gave us a hug goodbye.

“Don’t break his heart.” Liam whispered into my ear.

“I won’t. He’s been there for me when no one else has but I don’t deserve him.” I whisper back before pulling away from the hug. After hugging the rest of the boys with a few “I’ll miss you’s” Zayn and I left to the gate.


“Well this is it.” I said taking my seat in the plane.

“Yeah just think in just over 20 hours we will be back at your place. Can’t wait to finally be able to see where you grew up.” He said buckling himself up.

“Uh yes well my place is more of a one bedroom apartment.” I said awkwardly forgetting entirely about not having a spare bedroom for Zayn.

“That’s fine I’ll just uh… Sleep on the couch.” He muttered awkwardly as well.

“Well I’m going to go to sleep so wake me up when we get there.” I said resting my head on his shoulder.


Matt’s POV


Two days until the reunion and two days until I come face to face with the one I truly love. I don’t love her; I never have and most likely never will. I have always been in love with Lillian. I’ve hated myself everyday for not going to say goodbye to her at the airport. Instead I spent that day at the pub getting drunk. Then for two entire months Lillian would try calling me at the exact time every night. I never answered, I know I was being selfish but if I answered it would have just made me want her even more.


Now she’s a world famous singer, bigger than Taylor Swift even and best friends with the Bradford Bad Boy, Zayn Malik from that boy band One Direction. I’ve seen the photos of them together, the way he looks at her while she laughs or smiles. It’s the same way I’ve looked at her since that very first moment in Kindergarten. It’s been 17 years since we made that pact and a lot has changed. The last 18 months have been torture for me. After the initial two months the calls stopped and every time I would see her family at the shops I would ask about her. But it was always the same; Lillian’s doing well and won’t be home for a while.

Today when I went around to see if Lillian was coming home Rebecca insisted I go with her and then we go shopping. After finding out from her mother that she isn’t going to be at the reunion my heart sank. So I guess she really did forget about the pact when she became famous. Maybe she has moved on with Zayn as her main man.


It’s 9 o’clock at night and I’m just lying in my bed contemplating everything that has ever happened with Lillian and I. From Kindergarten, making the pact, the necklace, graduating high school and the last night I saw her.

I must have been in my own mind for a while now as I heard Rebecca yelling for me to pick up the phone already. Shaking myself out of the trance I picked up the phone from the bedside table not even bothering to check the number.

“Hello?” I said through the phone.

“Hi Matt. It’s Vanessa here.” It was Lillian’s mother.

“Hi Vanessa. Is everything alright?” I ask since she hasn’t rung me for the last 18 months.

“Yeah just thought I would let you know Lillian will be going to the reunion in 2 days time. I’m sure she can’t wait to see you.” Vanessa said happily through the phone.

“Thank you Vanessa. I’m looking forward to seeing her again. Well I’m going to go now.”

“No worries bye.” She said before hanging up.


“Who was is babe?” Rebecca asked now standing in the doorway.

“Just Vanessa. Lillian will be at the reunion now.” I said sitting up in bed.

“That’s wonderful! She’s an amazing singer and I can’t wait to meet her!” She said happily.

“Yeah well I’m just going to do a late night Facebook and Twitter check. You go to bed and I’ll be back in 10 minutes.” I said hoping off the bed and giving her a kiss on the cheek. I then made my way down the hallway and into the study.

Logging on to my Facebook and Twitter I instantly see so much about Lillian. All of the high school friends on Facebook were gossiping about her coming to the reunion while all her fans were tweeting #welcomehomelillian as number one trend in Australia. I switched the trend to worldwide and instantly I notice number 3 to be #LillianZaynDate and number 2 being #LillianZaynHomeVisit and number 1 being #LillianNoNecklace. Without even thinking I open those three in different tabs and search through all the tweets before coming across one of Zayn and Lillian holding hands at a restaurant. Quickly scrolling past that one I see one of the walking and holding hands and then of him wrapping his arms around her waist. I couldn’t take it anymore so I closed that tab and looked at the other one.


Instantly I saw a tweet from Zayn and another from Lillian.


“@LilyM3: It’s good to know I’m going home! Can’t wait to show off Perth to one of my closest friends!”

“@Zaynmalik: Making a surprise trip to Australia with the one and only @LilyM3. Can’t wait to arrive she’s already asleep and it’s been 5 minutes on the plane.” It had a photo attached of Lillian sleeping on his shoulder. Looking closer I saw no necklace around her neck. My heart sinks and I decide to look at the last tab.


“@CarrotBradfordCats: “…made me question everything the necklace stood for. So now it’s goodbye necklace!” Someone’s been messing with our Lily!”


Lillian just got rid of the necklace? No she would never do that. It was my present for her on the night of her very first big concert. She has always worn it at concerts or award nights, I’ve always seen it but now she’s just given up on it.


I know realize I truly have lost her forever. Without that I let out a few tears before going back to bed with Rebecca. I have to act like everything is fine when it’s not. When I see Lillian at the reunion she will be nothing but an acquaintance now.

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