The Pact

What happens when you and your best friend, from all throughout primary school and high school, make a pact that if you are both single at the high schools 10 year graduates reunion that you will get together?

Lillian (or Lily) is a 27 year old world famous singer. The day she left for her world tour 18 months ago her best friend Matt was no where to be found. For 2 months Lily called every night at the same time trying to talk to him, she simply gave up calling. It's now been those 10 years after her high school graduation and she receives the invitation.
Zayn has been there for Lily when she's cried over Matt numerous times, or when nasty rumours began to spread about her. He's been in love with her for 10 months but knows she could never love him as long as she loved Matt.

Will she be able to let go of Matt? OR
Will she chose him over Zayn?

*BTW Zayn is 20 in this story... Yeah I know 7 year age gap but so what? They're adults so it shouldn't matter.*


3. Necklace?


The moment I take position I begin to strum the guitar and set off with the first few songs of the night.

“Hey everyone!” I talk to the crowd during my break for twitter questions. “So it’s time for twitter questions! The people behind the scenes have picked random ones for me tonight so I have no clue what they will say.” I said and then gave thumbs up to Nathan who deals with the twitter session.

The first twitter question pops up and it’s the basic, “who is your musical inspiration?” The next few were pretty standard as well before I come across one that I thought would go unnoticed.

“Where is your necklace? I thought you always wore it or else no show.” –Jasmine, Block K, Row 5, Seat 24.


“Well I thought no one would notice but it seems my fans are very observant. If most of you couldn’t tell I’m not wearing my necklace that I am always seen with. Some things have come up and made me question everything the necklace stood for. So now it’s goodbye necklace!” I said with a smile on my face. The crowd erupted in cheers, I’m glad they supported my decision. I finished the twitter session after a few more questions or things they wanted me to do. Singing the next 6 songs on my album “Old Things” I finished up the show.


Skipping back to my change room completely happy with how it all went even without my necklace. I opened up the door only to be bombarded with hugs. From the cologne I instantly knew it was Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam and Louis that had just attacked me in a hug.

“Guys… Can’t… Breathe.” I manage to get out. They instantly released me and I went straight to the mirror to take my hair out and makeup off. If I wasn’t performing or at an awards show then I had no makeup on and my hair was nothing special. After finishing up I turn around to see the five boys sitting on the red couch. I quickly ran and jumped on top of them before they could react. My plan worked to an extent before they all picked me up and carried me out of the venue. Suddenly I only felt one pair of arms on me carrying my bridal style. I look up to see Zayn concentrating on where he is walking.


Moments later I am placed into a car with the boys surrounding me.

“Uh Zayn can we talk about the conversation you had with my mum when we get to wherever we are going?” I ask looking at him.

“There’s nothing to talk about. I’m going with you.” He stated firmly while the others just watched on confused.

“No you’re not. I’m not even going. I can’t face him! Especially not now.” I say trailing off.

“Why especially not now?” Zayn questions.

“He has a girlfriend now.” I whisper.

“Is that why you were crying?” He asked. We have become oblivious to the fact we had four curious guys looking on and listening to the conversation.

“Yes. It’s also part of the reason I took that stupid necklace off.” I stated.

“What’s the rest of the reason?” He asked intrigued.

“You.” I said before looking out the window trying to think about everything. I’ve loved Matt for so long, was it true he’s stolen my heart so that I haven’t been able to love anyone else. Sure I’ve had boyfriends over the years since I first found Matt making out with that girl. But the more I think about it not once have I ever told a guy outside of family that I love them.


Zayn was right, I haven’t been able to love because of Matt the dickhead who has stolen my heart.

“Uh guys care to explain what’s going on?” Liam asked breaking the silence. I glance over to him and then to Zayn giving him a look as if to say ‘you tell them’. He simply nods, I turn back to look out the window as I listened to his explanation.

“She’s got a high school reunion to go to in 3 days time. The only problem is well her best friend Matt. The one she’s been in love with since she can remember will be there and well they made a pact about getting together if they were still single at the reunion.” He said looking over to me to see if he should continue. I simply smile and he continues.

“Well she has two weeks off so I was trying to convince her to go. Before we could finish out conversation her mum called and well told Lily that Matt now has a girlfriend. So now Lily is refusing even more to go even though I will be going as well.” He finishes. The confused looks on the boys’ faces disappear.

“So the things that have come up for you not to wear that necklace anymore is that Matt now has a girlfriend and something to do with Zayn?” Niall questions me.

“Uh yeah… Well the necklace would always be there to let me know that if anything ever happened on stage or off stage that I always had Matt there for me. But now he’s got the girlfriend and well Zayn has been the one who is there for me the last 16 months.” I say answering his question.


The rest of the ride was done in silence and I tried to figure out how to get out of going to the reunion. I couldn’t face the one guy that I’ve loved for so long, the one guy I called every day for the first 2 months of my tour but got no answer. After two months I gave up on calling him. It was only about 6 months ago that my mum mentioned Matt asking about me. Honestly in my eyes Matt and I haven’t been friends let alone best friends for the last 16 months.

“Let’s go.” Louis said cheerfully before jumping out of the car with the rest of us following. Looking up I found the building in front of me to be their London flat, which I’ve been staying at since I came to London 2 months ago.


We spent the night lounging around eating like there is no tomorrow and watching movies. No night with these guys was complete without the overused truth or dare.

Zayn was dared to kiss Louis.

Louis had to tell us whom he liked.

Niall was dared to strip down to his boxers and run around the building.

Harry was dared to let us straighten a couple of strands of his hair and post the photo on twitter.

Liam was dared to not mention any of the Toy Story’s for the entire night.

I was dared to go with Zayn as my date to the reunion.

If it weren’t for the fact that anyone who didn’t do their truth or dare had to full on make out with one of the others I would have completely rejected this dare. Well from my understanding of it was that if any of the boys didn’t do their truth or dares they had to make out with me and if I didn’t do mine then they got to chose whom I was to make out with.

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