The Pact

What happens when you and your best friend, from all throughout primary school and high school, make a pact that if you are both single at the high schools 10 year graduates reunion that you will get together?

Lillian (or Lily) is a 27 year old world famous singer. The day she left for her world tour 18 months ago her best friend Matt was no where to be found. For 2 months Lily called every night at the same time trying to talk to him, she simply gave up calling. It's now been those 10 years after her high school graduation and she receives the invitation.
Zayn has been there for Lily when she's cried over Matt numerous times, or when nasty rumours began to spread about her. He's been in love with her for 10 months but knows she could never love him as long as she loved Matt.

Will she be able to let go of Matt? OR
Will she chose him over Zayn?

*BTW Zayn is 20 in this story... Yeah I know 7 year age gap but so what? They're adults so it shouldn't matter.*


1. 3 Days Time...


What happens when you and your best friend all throughout primary school and high school make a pact that if you are both single at the high schools 10 year graduates reunion that you will get together?


Well my best friend Matt and I made this pact when we were 10. Back then we thought we were always going to be single, but when high school came around you both began seeing other people. Thinking he had forgotten all about the pact I started to move on even though I was still madly in love with him. Everyone knew it through out high school except him of course. After 18 months without talking to him while I was on my tour around Europe and America I finally receive that one letter that reminds me all about the pact.


The reunion is in 3 days time but I’m not sure if I should even go. My friend Jessica who I met on my tour had been pressuring me to open the letter for the past week. Having had enough she decided to open it 2 days ago, I thought that maybe if I didn’t open it then the reunion would just not happen and I wouldn’t begin to think about Matt again. Having being so busy on the tour I only manage to talk to my family and the people who have come on tour with me, which included Jessica my stylist.


Right now I’m preparing for another show in London and Jessica is deciding on my clothes for the night.

“Lillian! You have to go! You don’t even have anything on for the next two weeks after this so you must go!” She called out from the clothing racks.

“I can’t! I bet you he’s forgotten about me! The day I left he wasn’t even there to say goodbye so why would he remember me let alone that stupid pact we made 17 YEARS ago.” I yelled back as I frantically searched for my necklace I would always wear. No necklace meant no show and my fans knew that.

“Sure he didn’t say goodbye but I’m sure it was just because he hated the idea of you leaving. From what you have told me he’s exactly like you so he would put things off thinking the just wouldn’t happen.” She said now behind me with the most gorgeous pink dress, black leather jacket and purple converse.

“I love it!” I say with a squeal trying to change the topic.

“No changing subject Lillian. You are going and that is that! Now you go get changed and I’ll find that necklace of yours.” She insisted but before I could protest she shoved the clothes my way and pushed me into my change room, which was next door to the clothes.


After putting everything on and feeling more than satisfied looking in the mirror I got back into the clothes room to find Jessica standing there with my necklace dangling from her hand.

“Where did you find it?” I asked rushing to it and taking it in my hands.

“Under the magazine with you ALL over it with that Zayn fella.” She said bringing the magazine in front of my face. Zayn and I were friends and nothing else although he did take me on a date last night. He was there for me during the times my fans weren’t exactly pleasant towards me. He understood and he even knew about the pact, which I only told Zayn and Jessica about. Not even my sister Evelyn knows.

“Don’t give me that we’re just friends crap. These pictures of you two going to a restaurant, holding hands and dancing in the night club say otherwise.” She said handing me the magazine.

“Alright so what if him and I went out last night on a date. But it was only to get my mind off of Matt and the reunion after you just HAD to open that letter.” I said slumping into the chair in front of the mirror.

“Well what would Matt say if he saw these? They are already all over twitter and loads of rumours about you two dating for a while now.” She said pulling my hair back as she combed through it with her fingers.

“What Matt says means nothing. Matt’s my friend and that’s it. People can say all they like about Zayn and I but were just close friends. He’s there for me and I’m there for him.” I said. I then began to keep myself busy by reordering all of the nail polishes and lipsticks in colour code order and then the mascaras and eyeliners in alphabetical order. Yeah I have a crazy OCD when it comes to orders of things. They either had to be in colour code order or alphabetically in order.


“Stop fiddling whilst I do your hair.” Sarah snapped at me.

“Sorry you know I always do this.” I said with a sigh. I’ve honestly never liked anyone doing my hair but when it came to concerts I had to get someone else to do it no matter how uncomfortable it makes me.

“You’re worse than ever though. What ever is on your mind just let it go for tonight. One concert and you’re free for a fortnight to go see friends and family.” Sarah says soothingly.

“Thanks Sarah. You always seem to know what to say to calm me down.” I say before letting her get back to doing her job.

Finally I am ready for the sound check. It’s time for my usual final checklist before greeting the fans.

Make up. Check.

Hair. Check.

Clothes. Check.

Guitar. Check.

Microphone. Check.

Necklace. Check

I take my place on stage and the mere 150 people who managed to buy the sound check tickets began screaming. I greet everyone and then begin my song Broken Hearted. Matt inspired the song but no one will ever know that. I wrote it when I was 14 and when I first found Matt in his room making out with one of the bitchiest girls from our school. Practically living at his house they gave me a key for whenever Matt was home, I was planning on surprising him and taking him on an early birthday dinner. That plan failed miserably when I caught a glimpse of them through the crack in his door. He never knew why I ignored him for the next week after it or why I missed his birthday, no one knew.

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