don't close your eyes


1. the start

The town knew about darkness,

They knew about the thing that lurked in the shadows, stalked in the silence of the empty streets.

But the town didn't know that it was watching, and waiting.

And what they didn't know could kill them.

It was coming....


Night fell upon the streets like a shroud; frosted pavements shone like knives and the terraced houses seemed to close in as the small group celebrated Halloween.

They had dressed for the occasion, with their spiked hair, pierced skin and black clothes, they liked to think of themselves as Goth-punks. No-one argued, well,  no-one argued and got away with it.

Ignoring the miserable November rain, the group followed the winding road, cracked and broken with cobblestones, as the town around them turned from quaint to dilapidated as they passed abandoned factories and crumbling ruins; seeming not to notice the way the fallen leaves snagged their feet, or the way branches stretched out to touch their faces. They were used to the dark playing tricks on them...

Reaching a small fork in the road, four of them turned to look at the fifth, a girl with flame tipped hair and emerald eyes who surveyed her curious friends confidently and said, slightly exasperated, "c'mon guys, its this way" looping her arm round the nearest person and dragging him along the right fork. With a sigh of nervous relief, the other three followed cautiously.

In the dark, a pair of eyes smiled.



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