don't close your eyes


2. cara

Cara watched Natalie's fiery hair swinging in front of her, and wondered whether she had made the right choice, after all, she was the one who, after countless years of being the good girl next door, had finally decided to change. So the weekend before Halloween she had cut (with the kitchen scissors) her long raven coloured hair into a choppy pixie cut and sweeping fringe, then bleaching it white-blonde. Her mum nearly had a fit when she walked down the stairs that morning, but Cara was done with apologies and excuses, merely brushing off the screaming threats.

What she hadn't bargained for, though, was the reaction she got at school. Stares, whispers, snide remarks about "oh she was such a nice girl" and "what on earth happened to her?" But Cara didn't flinch, and the next day Natalie and her crew came sauntering up to her in the canteen; "you don't want these losers," the green-eyed girl had whispered, "come with us," Cara remembered the entire year looking on disdainfully as she had walked out with Natalie's arm linked through hers.

Now she was having doubts, she hadn't realised just how seriously Natalie took the Halloween festivities, and she started to worry about the 'harmless walk' she had brought them all on. Just as she was going to say something about their journey, a small fork in the road made her stop in curiosity and she, along with Bree, Dylan and Chaz, turned to look at Natalie, who had a smug look on her chalked white face. "C'mon guys, its this way" she said, while tugging Dylan along the path that forked to the right.

Something compelled Cara to look back at the way they came, and just as she was about to follow the others, she spotted a pair of eyes glowing in the dark.



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