In the future blue-tooth is all powerful. No-one can stop it. Definitely not little old Zac Black.

When Zac is captured my the criminal mastermind that is blue-tooth, her whole life is turned upside down. She is forced to become a assassin and kill the people she loves. will she be able to fight from the inside and save herself? Or will that be left down to the professionals.
For the vortex comp


2. Chapter One


I raised the black gun to his head. The long finger I wasn't in control of pulled the trigger. A bang and a yelp later the dark haired man was slumped on the floor. Dead. I put my blood-stained gun away and walked out of the gloomy room. The black Royce was waiting for me round the corner of the street. I calmly walked up to the Royce and got in. I didn't need to worry about the police. Anyway this was basically the police's business. 


The Royce rolled up to a intimidating, dark building which looked like it was shrouded in shadows. As we traveled up the drive, the outline of the building became clearer and you could tell that the building was a perfect dome surrounded by tall, thickly-planted coniferous trees. As we approached the dome, a part of the it suddenly slid apart to let us in. 

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