Me and His Love For One Another

This story will basically say how much love me and Niall copes with. I hope you enjoy the fanfic


2. tour time!

Niall's on tour and I end up going to all of the One Direction concerts just to see Niall at every show Niall calls me up on stage to show me off to the fandom. It was like a dream come true. I just wished all the Niall girls would stop giving me hate. After every show I log on to twitter and see support and hate. Some people say "Go kill yourself you don't deserve to be with Niall!" and some people say “Leave @NiallersBae alone she is @NiallOfficial's now we can't stop it." Niall likes to go on my twitter so he reads those tweets and he goes on his twitter and says "Leave @NiallersBae alone I love her don't send her hate because I'm happy she's my whole world and I would like to stay with her for a long time. I don't want to break up with her becuz y'all don't like her !" If they would stop giving me the hate then they could learn that I am really nice and I won't hurt precious Niall. So when I go on twitter I see the mention and I tweet Niall saying "thank u!" And he replies “its no problem. I hate how they are just hating on you because we are happy together." Then scroll through my mentions again and see "I'm sorry for saying that I was just trying to protect Niall because I love him."

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