Me and His Love For One Another

This story will basically say how much love me and Niall copes with. I hope you enjoy the fanfic


4. Chapter 4

Here's the moment when me and Niall move in together. Our love was blossoming from the start. I never knew me and Niall would be living with me. I should of thought about it because he loves me and I never knew how much. But now I know and without him I would be with a jerk who didn't treat women right. But I didn't, he saved me I'll do whatever I can to make him happy. Sooner than you'd expect Niall and I will be married. If we were married it would be a dream come true because I love Niall more than anyone. I just hope no one flirts with him because then I'll hurt them. If he stares at other girl I don't know what I'll do. He's my life, my heart, my reason to be here. I love that boy, his eyes are like big blue pearls, his accent is so cute, him himself is a ball of perfection in many different shades.

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