Me and His Love For One Another

This story will basically say how much love me and Niall copes with. I hope you enjoy the fanfic


3. Chapter 3

After a few months of being with Niall I realize how sweet the directioners are. Without them then Niall and the boys wouldn't be here today. Niall and I have been together for 5 months now. I just wish I can meet all of the directioners because they are so sweet. Every night Niall and I would go out with the lads and Niall shows me off. Also, every night he sings to me. If he wasn't in my life I would be messed up because he makes my life complete. I still go to the concerts and I am the only person besides management, the boys, and El, Dani, and Perrie who can go on the tour bus. Everyday Niall and the lads learn more about me. They even know I sing. One day I was able to go on stage and introduce myself to everyone and actually show off my singing skills. The lads didn't know I was already in a band called One Love. We have five members too that all relate to a member of One Direction. Me (Desiree') I play as Niall, Nicole plays as Liam, Angela plays as Louis, Alexa plays as Harry, and Erica June plays as Zayn. I'm in charge of writing the songs though. Without them or the boys I would be no where. 

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