Rock me

What happens when harry styles gets turned into a rock? Will Rishondala and her bfffeae( best friends for ever and ever) be able to save Mr. Harry styles rock? read this story to find out.


5. Talking to Hary

"Hey Rosh, can I be in yore rock club?" asked Erin marie one summers night.

"Well first you have to prove that you are worthy of the rock club.  Only special people people can have the rocking privilges." i told her.  Sometimes Erin marie askes the dumbest questons.  She betta be careful or else i mite acsidently rock her.  That would be bad.  Just then my fone rang.  *Ring ring ring ring*

"Ugg my fone is ringing.  Butt im used to it becauase im just so popular. lol" i said.  then I amswered my fone."

"hello, the most bootiful princess rosh" said Hary.

"Umm hi, why are you calling me?" i asked him.  I really hate talking on the phone.  I am just so perfect that I want evey1 to see my bootiful face while talking to me, not there ugly fone.

"I was wonduring if you wanted to hang out with me today?" He asked

"YEah...I don't know about that. I'll have to see."  I only said that because I was nervouse that I mite turn hary into a rock like I did to Zain.  that would be really bad because then there would only be 3 members of 1d left for me to marry.  THat wouldn't be good.  But in the end I desided that if I did rock hary that it wouldn't be too bad because it's not like hary is cute anyways.

"Please my perfect carly!  I really want to go on a date with you.  Im beging!" he beged.

"Okay fine" I said

"Thank you so much! You are so perfect and amazing and rocking awesome.  I love you and yore rocks. by the way do you know what hapend to zain i havnt seen him in a while."

"Umm idk and yeah I no i am  perfect, k bye" i said and then I hung up my phone and got ready for my date. 

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