Rock me

What happens when harry styles gets turned into a rock? Will Rishondala and her bfffeae( best friends for ever and ever) be able to save Mr. Harry styles rock? read this story to find out.


4. my bff Erin Marie

Omg I'm gonna be in so much trouble if mom finds out that I ROcked Vosh.  And more importantly, THe Boys of one Direction found out about my super secret rocking skills.  

"Hey Rosh, don't worry I love you for you, and not your rock abilitys.  You are perfect in every way and dont worry I will always love you forever and ever and ever" said ZAin

"My heart melted and so did my control.  Before I knew it BAMMMMM Zain was instantly turned into rockzayn.  Oh know what am I going to do!  I mean I know I turned my sister and more people into rocks, but I turned ZAIN MALIC into a rock too.  OH well at least there are 4 more one direction boys.  Still, I picked up rock Zain and put him into my pocket.  Someday, I would figure out how to derockify him.  As I was putting rockzayn into my pocket a girl came up to me.

"OMG is that a rock!?! that is sooo cool.  I love how cool it is. You are perfect!!!!!" 

"Yes yes, tell me something I dont know" I said to her.

"Hey want to be friends?" she asked me

"Sorry but you dont seem cool enough to roll with the Rosh and her rocks" I told her

"NOOOOOO, please, YOu are just so perfect.  Please be my friend, she begged

"Fine, what is your name?" I asked

"MY name is Erin Marie, and dont worry, I already know yours because you are just so famouse and poopular." 

"Okay, fine...Go fetch me my rock" I said

"Yes master"


Hey julias, I know I know, this opdate was soooooo good.  Shout out to Erin Marie who is the Erin MArrie in this story.  Remeber to always treat your rocks with respect

your love,

JULIA O ( the o is a rock)

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