Rock me

What happens when harry styles gets turned into a rock? Will Rishondala and her bfffeae( best friends for ever and ever) be able to save Mr. Harry styles rock? read this story to find out.


1. losing control

I hate rocks.  They are useless.  They just sit there and mock you.  Hi my name is roshondala.  I am 17 and in 8th grade.  I really love one diretion, and am going to marry hary.  I also have a secret.  I can turn people into rocks.  At school I am the most popular school, but I can't control my powers.  I have accidently turned 4 people into rocks.  The only people that know about my powers are my sisters, loshondala, poshondala, voshondala, and sam. 

"omg i am so excited to go to a one direction meet and greet!" poshondala squeeled

"omg me too dollay" i said

"okay it's time to go." said Sam

I'm the car.  A ton of people were checking me out as usual, it kinda got annoying, so i just turned them into rocks.

"OMG stop roshondala, mom said that you arn't allowed to trun people into rocks anymore"

"I know I can't help it.  They were annoying me."  when ever I feel strong feelings for someone such as love, or hate, I lose control, and my rock powers just take over.  When we got to the meet and greet, the line was so long.  This got me really annoyed so i turned all the people ahead of me into rocks.  Oops.  At least I don't have to wait in line anymore.  When we got to the front of the line I saw 5 beautiful boys staring at me.  THere names were harry, Zain, Louie, Niall, and Liam.


Okay soooo the reason why the main character's name is roshondala and not julia, is because i don't want to fall in love with one direction in stories because im gonna fall in love with them in real life.  I know how anaZAIN this story is, but could you still write abt it in the comments.  I've always been fascinated with rocks, and I think it's so cool how rohondala can change people into rocks. Please don't copie this story because I worked really hard making this story so amazing.  k bye.  


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