Never to be Saved

This is a poem I wrote after I got back from my school trip to Belgium/France. We were learning about World War One, and so that experience inspired this...


1. 1

Soldiers fight in World War One,

Falling injured, some do die,

Why can no one help them?

As in the trenches, they hide.


For no one can just save them,

Their reason is so plain,

They must kill even more soldiers,

As land they wish to gain.


Gun shots whistle past the trees,

What left of them remains,

Cannonballs whoosh past like lightning,

As quick as a fast train.


Unfortunate soldiers fall to the floor,

Their names are hard to keep track of,

Their loved ones cry and weep at home,

Knowing they'll never be back - oh.


To cemeteries they are then sent,

Buried under a cross

Lying beside graves of unknown soldiers,

Who in the war were lost.


Flaming red poppies appear now,

In battlefields they grow,

Or beneath those dear, dear soldiers,

That rest in peace below.


We'll never forget their help towards us,

The duty they obeyed,

But family and friends will only wish that,

With them they would have stayed.


It's time to close the curtains,

To end the destructive show,

To think about those poor, poor soldiers,

As they lie peacefully...


Row by row.

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