Haylor (short story)

My Haylor story. Read to find out.


2. two different worlds


Harry's POV

" Hey, you should go swimming, are you okay?" I asked Taylor while putting on sun block on my arms.

" No thanks, go have fun with Austin, I'll stay here and write more songs..." she looked kind of upset, her guitar was placed on our bed, scattered paper everywhere and she was facing her laptop. " Are you on Twitter?" I asked. She didn't respond, I glanced on the screen and she was looking at all the hash tagged #haylor  statuses, almost all of the posts in there were just so horrible, I can't even imagine my girls wasting all their time dissing my girlfriend than doing productive things, all this ' Haylor' thing going on was getting on my nerves, but those girls...they're my girls, they're One Direction girls, they're the reason why us five are going on tour and having the time of our lives, I can't bear being mad at them.

It's quite hard to think but... My girls are far more important than Taylor, I know she's amazing and she has won hundreds of awards and ....she's slightly annoying but...I don't know if Taylor and I are going to make it through this year. All she wants is ME and no other, ever since I got her number at the Kid's Choice Awards, she was texting me nonstop like we're married or something and she just can't shut her mouth about antiques and babies and how she's going to name her son  "Ronan" if she ever has one.

" You're right... maybe I'll go hang with your brother, see you, make sure these songs are going to win you awards eh?" I said as I pointed to where all her papers are placed and kissed her temple. " Harry....if you're annoyed with me, just remember you spent your first hour of 2013 with me okay?" we both laughed.

" Oh and that was the best kiss I've had in ages" she said and smiled. " What about that Kennedy guy?" I asked and pretended to get jealous. " Seriously Harry...we broke up last year, he kisses like a slug, to be honest." she laughed and snubbed at me. " So you've kissed a slug? how do you know he kisses like a slug?" I asked and pointing my tongue at her. She grabbed a pillow and threw it right in my tummy. " Get outta here before I get writer's block!"




" You know, I've never seen my sister that happy before...you know, the night you two kissed when it struck midnight?" Austin said as we walked along the shore of the beach, it was good having to talk to a guy again since I'm always in the hotel room watching Grey's Anatomy with Taylor and Meredith ( That show is probably the worst show I've ever watched ).

I smiled, maybe if I was doing more romantic stuff with her, then we'd be a perfect couple...but she's not the adventurous type, I spent way too much money on bringing her and Austin here in the British Virgin Islands, we talked about my birthday last night and she said she'd travel with me to Italy, just the two of us ( but of course, Meredith will be there, duh).

" I know this sounds too personal but did you two..um..you know..??"

" Not yet." I said while looking at the kids building sand castles and carving random words in the sand. " Woah...but...why?? she's so in love with you..."

"Maybe when the time's right, it's too early for that, I don't wanna rush things, bringing you two here is the least I can do."

" Seriously bro, if I was a girl, I'd date you. My sister loves staying at home all the time, doing really boring stuff, and you get to join along too, how come? two days ago she was altering one of her dresses using threads and needles, you know, the old way...and you...you're this guy who goes to clubs and gets a tattoo almost every month.."

I laughed " And that's what makes her different from other girls out there..."

" I don't get it....,I love you two together, but I have a feeling I won't get to see you coming by her house in the next months no more....sorry bro..."

" Really..you think that?"


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