Haylor (short story)

My Haylor story. Read to find out.


4. help

The next morning I got the chance to eat breakfast with Taylor, just the two of us and well, it was quite awkward and the paps were taking photos outside the glass wall so I lost my appetite and didn't enjoy the morning, and the fact that one breakfast in this hotel costs so, so much. Taylor and I made up a few days ago and she was happy when I said i don't want us to part, I promised her too we'd get married, live in a pretty nice house in London and have a beautiful family. I was so sorry I said that, it was the dumbest thing ever actually but I only did it so I could save our relationship.

After our yelling session, she asked her manager for a month of break so she could spend some time with me, I was hoping he'd say no but alas..... She started going out with me too and we went golfing yesterday but she didn't know how to and she looked really lanky and awkward not knowing how to hold the golf club, so we tried out a different activity but guess what activity she chose? Painting lessons for a day at the elementary school just a few blocks away from our hotel, sounds cool huh?

Also, last night we went to a club and she was wearing a granny dress and all the girls there looked extremely hot, she couldn't even keep her hands off me like i'm a toddler in need of guidance or something.....



Harry and I were in the airport, waiting for my private jet, leaving for London and I was really excited since he said I'd get to hang out with him and his friends and travel around London, our vacation here in BVI was really fun and we only fought once but Harry was such a gentleman to express what he felt and said sorry, now I'm looking forward to naming our first son Ronan and hopefully we'll live in together someday....

An airport staff called us and said the jet has arrived and she handed me a paper so I could sign some documents, Harry carried my luggage and we headed to the jet, he collapsed on one of the beds and I chose the bed across his, the pilot greeted us and we buckled our air belts.

"Oh my God, this is exciting! fifteen hours and I'm finally in your country!" I told Harry as the jet started its run in the runway.

"But you've been to England...." he said lazily and stretched his arms adjusting the air conditioner up the ceiling.

" I have but I get to be with you!"





Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall



Niall: Where you right now?

Me: I'm with Taylor, on a plane

Louis:turning into a night mare isn't it?

Me: I think so ugh.

Louis: Hahahaha we'll talk to you later curly, Niall and the lads switched off their phones for recording session, you are so dead when you get back, you missed five sessions mate, goodluck. ;)


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