Haylor (short story)

My Haylor story. Read to find out.


1. English ship

"Harry, I just did two interviews, I'll see you in the tattoo parlor maybe." I texted Harry as I made my way to the tattoo parlor in LA, he already told me he'd get one once he'd arrive with Zayn, I don't know what he'll get though, he just said he'll have it inked on his left arm, it was really cool having to go to a tattoo shop for the first time and having a boyfriend with more than ten tattoos is just so, so...cool? I've had other boyfriends with tattoos but they get inked just for fun, whereas, Harry do it and make sure it has meaning, he even designs his own, he told me, if he wasn't a performer, he'd either be a baker or a tattoo artist.

I finally arrived at the parlor, thankfully, the artist wasn't done with it yet. Harry caught my eye and motioned me to sit down next to him, he was, however, not paying any attention to me, but I thought that was okay since he's having another tat. 

" So...what are you getting?" I asked  while holding out my phone to take a picture of him. " I'm getting an English ship, it has the Union Jack in it, I don't know if my mum's gonna like it though." he said while biting his lower lip, I can see pain in his eyes, both of us watched how the guy pushed needles through his skin while there was nonstop bleeding going on, he told me he was used to it though, but it was his biggest tattoo yet.

" Oh I'm sure your Mum's gonna like it, are you planning on your half sleeve yet?" I asked again while grabbing a magazine. "I'm not sure with it the design yet, maybe next year, I don't know, how bout' you Taylor, are you planning on getting a tattoo?" he winked. " I can design it for you... a thirteen on the back of your hand perhaps?" he added.

" Um.." Okay, I'm not sure, a part of me says yes and a part of me says no, this was happening so fast, If I get one, my manager will totally kill me " Maybe not, but I would love to...if I'm in my thirties..I think..." he nodded and smiled. " You know I was thinking,if ever you get one, you should get the thirteen since,you know, you love writing on you arm.."

" Hmm....I'll think about it". Finally after twenty minutes, his ship was done, he thanked the tattoo artist and payed at the counter " I'm coming back." he said and smiled at the man who helped him design his tattoo, the man took a photo of us and we thanked him. There were people and paparazzi outside taking nonstop photos of us, it was quite blinding actually and I held Harry's hand while a bunch of body guards led us to the parking lot.



" So, Miss Taylor, tell me, do you like my tattoo or should I get another one...of your name" he winked.

" Oh no, no, I really love your tattoo, but please, don't get my name, you don't want me to write a song about you do you?" I teased him.

" I can't even imagine how my girls will react...you're such a drama queen."

Hello guys!, Sam here, so do you peeps like it?  comment and follow me please! ( this is a short story, I don't know how many chapters I'll write) If you're not a Haylor shipper, don't worry, the last chapter will be of them breaking up *evil laugh* K bye!

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