Haylor (short story)

My Haylor story. Read to find out.


3. arguing with a drama queen

Back at the hotel

Hey, I heard there’s gonna be a party tonight, wanna come?” I asked Tay, she was still busy with her writing session; she looked up at me and bit her lip, “I can’t…”

“Why not? It’ll be fun, and all this writing thing is really boring…” this time, she held her guitar and placed it on the floor, not minding me, continuing her writing, I saw how her pen was making stops every time she writes and I could tell it was losing ink.

“Because Harry….I’m really busy, I need to call my manager and the tour staff so we could discuss about my tour in March, but this hotel has reaaally slow wifi so I can’t access my Skype, so you just go…okay? Have fun and socialize with all those people there.”

All this writing and being busy stuff is making me sick, I’m supposed to have a meeting with management with the lads today. Can’t Taylor see I’m also supposed to be busy but I’m here wasting all my time with her? Gosh, she is such an introvert, I think it’s time for her to let go of this being busy thing, she’s had enough fame and fortune, she has so, so much money and gives a thousand dollars to charity almost every week.

“Wow, I’m supposed to be in London frolicking with the lads or taking shots with Grimmy and getting tattoos with Ed but really, I cannot believe I wasted all my time and money taking YOU here and you didn’t even mind me today and kept being busy for the last two weeks, pretending you were all happy with the New Year kiss, it wasn’t even hot, seriously, I preferred all those hot girls I kissed when I go to clubs….”

I didn’t mean to say that but….

Taylor had this sad look in her eyes and she just stared at me like she couldn’t bear it anymore.

“You know Harry, I didn’t ask you to bring me here, and it’s not my fault I’m busy, I hope you understand that I am a solo artist and you’re in a band, if you get sick you still have your boys with you!”

“ You are just so boring! I chased you for a year and thought you were cool! But I was wrong choosing you!” we were shouting at each other until she finally stood up with this death stare plastered on her face and she was giving me the biggest death stare in the history of death stares.

“Fine, you can go! Go to your country! Have fun doing concerts every night while all your stupid fans sing along to your stupid songs you didn’t even write! You gain money by doing nothing! You and your band mates don’t even write songs and plan out your tour and choose your clothes, you all have song writers to write for you, tour staffs and stylists!”

“Are you saying we made all those fans happy for nothing? Imagine waiting in line for at least two to five hours just so you can sing in front of the X Factor judges, Imagine being away from my country and spending majority of my time here in your country, Imagine Taylor, getting a bad response from one of the judges or critics because of the song choice and the way you dress! And seeing your mum cry everytime you go! You can’t understand because you don’t know how it feels like! I know how you got a record deal- you forced all those people to give you one and you had all the money to move to Nashville, did you know Zayn and Liam didn’t even know what to wear when they were going to audition? And took the train for six hours to go to London? Think about it Tay, all your stories aren’t true, yes you didn’t fit in in school, well, and you told me you had lots of friends!”

And right after I said that I left her all alone in that dumb room.

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