Love in Fear

Lolita has the best boyfriend she could ever wish for, just one problem, he has serious temper problems. So when she looks for help, she undercovers a big secret. Now she has a choice, leave him, and lose him forever, or she can help him, and risk serious trouble...


3. The Hulk in school

Through the day, Lolita, Lana, Jessie, Kate and Rita, kept a look out for Aaron, for a chance to tell him how much of a bitch he was being. But there was no sign of him. Some said the Chris had hit him so hard that they had to take him to hospital. But Lolita doubted that it happened. Some people were desperate to get attention. Soon, they spotted him, hanging out by the tennis courts with his friends.

"Hey! Aaron!" Lolita shouted. She was fed up with this guy.  Her friends walked over to his friends while Aaron walked over to her. There was a brief silence. Then Aaron broke into a smile. He walked around her, looking at her face for her reaction. She kept the poker face on.

"So, is this where the girl of my dreams thanks me for getting rid of the Hulk?" His smile turned sly. It wasn't very friendly any more.

"What do you mean, getting rid of Chris?" she asked, worry creeping in. What had happened? Aaron put on a sad face to mock her.

"Didn't you hear? The Head's giving him  a dressing down in his office. I wouldn't be surprised if he got suspense for his shocking behavior!" Aaron's voice became smug as he lowered the neck of his shirt down. There, blooming nicely, was a blue and green bruise. Lolita felt fury rising to her head. How dare he. How dare Aaron mock her boyfriend in front of her. All of her control ceased. But Aaron wasn't finished yet.

"He must of left a mark on you my sweet! He must have done!" And with that, he pulled down her shirt and looked down it. That was going too far. She swung her hand around and it made contact with his face. He straightened up and clutched his face. He looked up hurt.

"I'm glad! I'm glad that Chris has left his mark on you, and I'm glad to add to that pain, you bastard!" Lolita shouted. Her friends came back over and they all walked away.

When they got back into school, Chris was outside the Head's office, paler than usual and panting. Lolita said good bye to her friends, then made her way over to Chris.

They embraced each other and Chris told her that everything was alright. She asked was he suspended  and he told her he wasn't. They smiled at each other and walked off to their first lesson. Lolita looked out for Aaron all day, but didn't see him at all. She kept on think about how mean Aaron was being to Chris. Really, she thought to herself, people can be so mean, you wonder why they are mean and how they make these thoughts up.

She was so distracted, that she didn't notice the blue lights flashing in front of the school later that day...

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