Love in Fear

Lolita has the best boyfriend she could ever wish for, just one problem, he has serious temper problems. So when she looks for help, she undercovers a big secret. Now she has a choice, leave him, and lose him forever, or she can help him, and risk serious trouble...


2. The Attack

Lolita's alarm clock roused her up and she stumubled to the bathroom. After getiing ready and checking her hair, she stumbled downstairs to the kitchen to eat her breakfast. The toast and jam tasted like cardbord in her mouth, as she hurried up to catch the bus.

"Hurry up darling!" her mother called, knowing her daughter would be late if she didn't speed up. Lolita ran up and down the stairs trying to remeber what she needed for schhol that day. Mondays... Why does Monday have to be the start of the week? Anyhow, she had science, history, english, German, along with a very boring geography. Such an awful day!

Finally, she was ready to be out the door when her mum told her:

"Sweetheart, I 'm going to be late home, and your brother isn't going to be here to look after you, how about you invite Chris around?" Lolita looked at her. Last time Chris was here, things had turnned from good to bad.

"Really? Can I?" she squeaked. her mum nodded, then smilied. "Of Course you can, I'm willing to give him a second chance!" Lolita hugged her Mum and raced to the bus stop. All than needed to happen now was for the day to go quickly.

When she got to the the bus stop, everyone stopped talking.  It was like they were saying something behind her back. The boys stared at each other and then they started to nod.

"LOL" one of thm said and they all burst out laughing. she felt her friends move to her side and Lana, her best friend, sneered at them.

"OMG, that joke is sooo 5 years ago!" she said, refering to the first time that the joke came up. all the boys stopped and looked at her. All of them were about to crack up again when Jessie marched up to the nearest boy's face and slapped it. Hard. The bus arrived, but no one noticed it. They were all too busy staring at the redness of Josh's face lightening up. in the end, the bus driver honked his horn and everyone got on the bus.

At school she spotted Chris and repeated her mum's invition. He agreed without hesitation  and offered her his arm. she accepted it galdly and they both made their way into school.

In the canteen, she could see Aaron preaching to some other boys, without doubt about yesterday. He caught her eye and then very loudly said:

"Why should people who have issues come to this school? This is the prefect school!"

She stared at him, gobsmacked. how dare he! She felt her arm tremberling, and found that Chris was shaking in rage.

"WHAT?" he roared, and he marched over to Aaron. All Lolita could do was watch her preicous boyfriend turn into the creature he feared to be.

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