Love in Fear

Lolita has the best boyfriend she could ever wish for, just one problem, he has serious temper problems. So when she looks for help, she undercovers a big secret. Now she has a choice, leave him, and lose him forever, or she can help him, and risk serious trouble...


4. News

The end of the day couldn't come quickly enough for Lolita. When the end of the day did come, her and Chris got the bus to her house where they were going hand out together.

"So, what do you want to do?" Lolita ask him, longing to curl her feet up on his lap.

"Wanna watch TV?" he replied as they grab some snacks that Lolita's mum had left out for them and took them in to the living room.

They firstly watched Bones, a detective series that Lolita loved, then they switched over to watch a recorded Doctor Who, one of the only TV shows that Chris could stand.

Finally, Lolita put pizzas in the oven and they ate them for dinner. while they were eating, Lolita flicked the news on and dropped her pizza slice back onto her plate.

"Earlier today the police was called to St Peter's school for young people because of an incident involving the head master, Mr Brownlee. He was found in his office tied to his chair with some spare school ties and was strangled with his own. Detective Chief Inspector Ross Jones says that time of death was between 9:15 to 9:45 BST. Police are asking for anybody who was near the head master before he died to come forwards. Our thoughts are with Mr Brownlee's family and friends, along with the staff and pupils at his school," 

The news reader finished in his boring tone of voice. Lolita still stared at the screen. Mr Brownlee? Murdered? At her school? When she was there? Oh My God... She thought and then turned to Chris.

"Oh. My. God." she repeated, this time out loud. Chris mumbled something and kept wringing his hands, his pizza untouched.

"Are you ok Chris?" Lolita asked.

Chris took a deep breath ad looked at her. Then a tear ran down his face.

"I saw someone go in after me and lock the door. They might have done it..." He said. Lolita thought if Chris saw something, then he needed to go to the police and tell them about, but as soon as she mentioned it, Chris brushed the idea away.

But she kept pestering him and in the end he yelled at her.


She stood up and looked at him in the eye. Chris held her gaze and then Lolita took a breath.

"But you should-" Lolita never finished her sentence as Chris flew at her. 

"NO, I'M NOT GOING TO THE POLICE! SO JUST SHUT IT!" Chris bellowed at her, his fist drew back, as if to hit her. Lolita trembled, was he going to hit her? 

Then Chris paused, and started shaking and brought his fist down. Lolita could hear him muttering to himself, cussing and cursing. 

"I should go," Chris said abruptly and went to get his coat. Lolita herd the front door slam and she was alone in her house. 

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