Love in Fear

Lolita has the best boyfriend she could ever wish for, just one problem, he has serious temper problems. So when she looks for help, she undercovers a big secret. Now she has a choice, leave him, and lose him forever, or she can help him, and risk serious trouble...


1. He's the One

She felt his arm around her and snuggled into his chest. She knew that he wouldn't hurt her, because he loved her, and that was what mattered. They were in the park, siting on one of the many benchs in the warm sunshine. Summer was almost here, and when it was, they could spend the whole summer together. Lolita, or Lol, as her friends called her, looked up at the dark face above her, as that face looked into her's. Chris's pale skin contrasted well with his black hair and dark eyes. Emotions were hard to tell from those eyes and she often wondered how he was feeling. But she loved him all the same.

"Hey, Lol! I need help!" one of the boys in her class shouted. Everyone knew Aaron fancied her like crazy and was always trying to get her attention. Nobody knew what it was like to be with Chris. Lolita sighed and got up. Chris clutched her arm like he was going to lose her, but his grip losened when she reassured him that she would be two minutes helping the loser who had his foot stuck in a rabbit hole.

When Lolita got over there, Aaron clung onto her and dragged himself out. "Oh nice one loser!" she snarled. "All you had to do was to pull yourself out!" Aaron looked at her in disbelief. He had never seen her burst into a temper before. He blushed.

"I'm sorry, I really thought I was stuck for a moment..." he broke off and stared into her dark blue eyes. Then he lunged at her, his lips meeting her surprised ones. She tried to push him off, but she couldn't. Aaron was too strong. But she didn't need to do anymore, because Aaron was pulled off by Chris and thrown onto the ground.

"Leave Lol alone!" Chris shouted at Aaron, his face turning red with anger. Aaron stared at Lolita, did she seriously like this guy? Aaron got up, brushed himself down and looked straight into Chris's eyes.

"How about you go away and turn into the Hulk while your at it then," he jeered. then he ran off leaving Chris and Lolita behind. Chris coved his eyes and then mumbled to himself something. Lolita subspected he was cursing himself for having temper problems. She hugged him and lead him back to the bench they were at. She then uncovered his eyes to find that he had tears runing down his face.

"Shh, it'll be alright! Don't worry about Aaron, he's just jelous and I'm sure he didn't mean it," Lolita told him. but Chris said something back which surprised her.

"They all call me the Hulk and I hate it! All I want to be is normal! He started it, the name calling and I want him to stop it!" he almost sobbed. Lolita hugged him again and smilied. But it was a sad smile because nobody but Chris could control his life, and what happend in it. the sky was turning amber and Chris and Lolita started to walk home. just round the cornor of her house Chris stopped and leaned agaist the sign.

"I love Lol," he wisphered and kissed her forehead. she leaned against him placed her hand over his heart. " I love you too Chris," she wisphered back.

Later that evening, before she went to sleep, Lolita wrote in her diary:

"I love Chris so much. He's the one"

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