The Stranger

This is an essay I had to write for english class. Thought I'd share it with you guys.


1. The Stranger

She woke up in a dark room. She was tied to a chair with a rag in her mouth. What happened to her? She couldn't really remmeber.

She was sitting at the bar when a strange man came and sat next to her. They started to talk and he bought her drinks. She went to the bathroom a few times. She was beginning to feel weird, but it didn't bother her untill she passed out.

The next thing she remembered was only a brief memory of a small dank room, but nothing further. Somewhere a light was turned on and a dark figure appeared. He approached her and removed the rag.

"Where..."  she started but was cut off by a finger on her lips clearly stating to be quiet.

"Make no sound," a husky voice said, "And there won't be trouble."

The figure turned and walked away. She heard a door opening somewhere behind her. Suddenly her bonds were cut and she was free.

"Hurry, before he comes back." another stranger said as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her in the direction of the door. The sharp light blinded her when the door was opened. They ran for their lives and didn't look back. When they got to the car, she passed out inside. The next morning she woke up in the arms of a complete stranger that had saved her life.



Sorry its so short, but like I said it was for class and the word limit was 250 words. It sucks, I know. Remeber to check out Zombie Love, my other movella. It's longer than this one, promise.

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