Rescue Me

Lia has lived in the slums of Rio, Brazil all her life and when Lia steals from a shop one night, two boys chase her and pin her to the ground. But what Lia doesn't realise is that this one Irish boy with kind blue eyes will be the one to show her new things and teach her about the world. Maybe even teach her about love.


52. Two Days

Brooke's POV

  I cradle Tristan carefully as we make our way up to the front door. I was aching all over and was dying to lie down on the sofa in front of a nice film.  "Carefully," Harry says, holding my elbow as we take the three steps up to the apartment door. "It's fine, stop worrying." I tell him, chuckling. I've never seen him look so terrified before.  "I won't stop worrying until I know you're both okay," Harry replies with serious eyes. I kiss his cheek quickly as we step into the house. We all settle into the living room and I place Tristan into his car seat onto the floor. Aaliyah and Jelly come rushing in, excited to see us. Harry places a finger to his lips, signalling for them to be careful as they enter. The two girls catch on and tip toe over to me. They both gasp and say 'Aww!' As they take in Tristan's sleeping body.  "What's his name?" Iva asks me as I crouch beside them. "Girls, this is Tristan." I say and stroke his smooth cheek softly. "Hello, Tristan." The two girls whisper and wave.  "Come on, Melody and Star need feeding. Will you help me?" Lia says quietly, appearing in the doorway. They wave goodbye and leave me and Harry alone in the living room. He wordlessly turns on a film, keeping the volume low, picks up Tristan and cradles him as he sits down. I sit beside him, resting my head on Harry's shoulder and watching my baby as he sleeps. That was so strange.  My baby. Our baby. "I love you, Harry." I tell him, still looking at Tristan. "I love you too, my American fashion diva." He chuckles softly and a I smile up at him.    Lias POV   The wedding is in two days.  Two days. Two. My stomach is doing flips at the thought. I was getting married. Married. To Niall. My brain was going to explode.  I still hadn't gotten over the fact that he wanted me to be his wife. I mean, me.  "What are you thinking about?" Niall asks, coming out of the bathroom fresh from the shower.  "The wedding," I reply, flopping down on to the bed. "What about it?" He asks, getting changed.  "I'm terrified," I admit and he raises an eyebrow at me as he comes over to the bed.  "Why?" He sinks down on to the mattress beside me and we both gaze at the ceiling. "All those people, cameras and opinions and... people." I trail off, making myself feel slightly sick at the thought. I had never liked the attention, but it was worth it if I got to be with Niall. "I'll be there though, Lia. I'll be there at the end of that aisle waiting for you. I'll be there so I can say 'I do' and make you my wife." He turns his head to face me and I do the same. His blue eyes dance in the low light, making me smile. I go to reply, but he places a finger to my lip. I remain silent, then he takes my finger away from my mouth and plants a soft kiss on each of my fingertips.  "You don't have to worry what anyone else thinks about us, apart from you." He whispers and I smile, intertwining my fingers with his. I lay my head on his chest and he kisses the top of my head. I listen to the steady beat of his hear as I slowly drift into a peaceful sleep.                    
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