Rescue Me

Lia has lived in the slums of Rio, Brazil all her life and when Lia steals from a shop one night, two boys chase her and pin her to the ground. But what Lia doesn't realise is that this one Irish boy with kind blue eyes will be the one to show her new things and teach her about the world. Maybe even teach her about love.


42. Tests


**Lia's POV**   We've been living in London for about now five months now and everything is great. Melody was coming along really well and Brooke had brought her own horse; Star. Star was a 16hh tall black thoroughbred who was a major show horse. She had competed several times and won easily every time. Brooke had also started talking to her mom again and she had flown over to watch one of her shows. I had seen them talking at the end and they hugged, Brooke crying her eyes out. I was proud of her; a few months ago she wanted nothing to do with her.  Belle and Lou had finally got together, after weeks and weeks of flirting and sneaking looks at eachother across the room. I had never seen Belle smile so much; or Louis. Aaliyah and Jelly had both started school and Jelly's reading was really coming along.  I pull the covers away and pad over to the wardrobe. I pull out my leggings and oversized jumper that comes down to my thighs. I slip on my slipper boots and leave Niall fast asleep in the bed. It's the day before christmas eve and me, Brooke and Belle were going last minute christmas shopping. I had got a job at a riding school; teaching kids to ride. I loved every moment of it and it was well payed so I had quite a bit of money saved up to spend.  "Brooke!" I hiss, trudging in to her room. Luckily, Harry was already up so I jump onto the bed. "Get off," She groans, hitting me with a pillow. "Christmas shopping!" I chime and hit her with the pillow. "I'll buy you a new nail polish," I tell her and she's immediately out of bed. "Give me twenty minutes," She grins, shutting the door. I head over to Belle's room and open the door. "Christmas shopping!" I sing. Belle smiles up at me from the floor where she is tying the laces on her shoes. "Don't go too mad, girls." Lou laughs from the bed, where he is still snuggled underneath the covers. "We won't," Belle promises, kissing him lightly before following me out of the door.  "Right, Brooke's going to be twenty minutes." I tell her as we head down the stairs. "But in her case, that means an hour." Belle notes, chuckling. I laugh too as we enter the kitchen. Jelly and Aaliyah are sat at the kitchen table, colouring on some paper. Harry was cooking eggs in a pan, Zayn was sitting on the counter texting and Liam was chatting away to Harry.  "Morning, guys." I say as I walk over to Jelly and kiss her forehead. "Where are you guys going?" Zayn asks, looking up from his phone. "Christmas shopping," I tell him, taking an apple from the counter. "Bit late isn't it?" Harry turns from the stove, lifting an eyebrow at me. "Yeah, it's either that or you don't get anything. So quit complaining, Harold." I laugh, hitting him in the arm. "Where's the Irish boy then?" Liam asks, taking a bite of egg. "In bed still," I reply, taking another bite of apple. "So's Lou." Belle adds, sitting on the counter beside Zayn. We talk and wait for Brooke; eventually she appears in the doorway, her long hair in crimped waves.  "Morning," She gives Harry a quick kiss, taking an egg on to a plate and digging in. "Right, let's go." I clap my hands and Brooke chokes down the last of her egg.  "Bye!" We call as we close the door. I wrap my coat around me as the bitter December wind whips past us. The moment we enter the shopping center down the road, masses of people take pictures of us and ask how we are. We try our best to not appear rude but its difficult when that many people are around you. The crowds eventually thin out so we make our way into the shops. After four hours of non-stop shopping for presents, we finally take a break.  "Shall we eat here?" Belle nods at a restaurant. I look up and see that it's Nandos. "Sure," I reply, stepping inside. Niall had taken me here on several occasions; he couldn't get enough of it. Once we get a table we order and my new phone buzzes on the table. Niall had insisted on buying me it to make sure that I was okay when I go out. I pick it up and swipe the screen. A text from Niall: 'How's shopping going?Xxxxx' I smile and text him back, letting him know that we're in Nandos. Within seconds my phone rings and I answer, knowing what he's going to say. "Lia, will-" He starts but I cut him off. "Yes, Niall. I will bring you back chicken,"  I laugh and he breahts out a sigh of relief. "You know  me well, love you Princess." I can hear the smile on his lips. We end the call and I thank the waitress as she places our food on the table. We tuck in and when we've finished I order some to take back for Niall.  "Where to next?" I ask, as we make our way out of Nandos; arms cluttered with bags of presents.  "I think we should go home, I'm feeling a little sick actually." Brooke clutches her stomach and I shoot a look at Belle. She bites her lip and shoots me the same look. Brooke had been doing that a lot lately; we were starting to become worried. "Brooke?" I ask and she grips her stomach tighter. "Yeah?" She asks, voice tight. "Sit down, B." I tell her, directing her towards a bench. She doesn't refuse; dropping her bags on to the floor. "Listen, over the last week you've been moaning about your stomach and I heard you throw up the other morning..." I start and her eyes become wide. "Do you... Do you think I'm pregnant?" She asks, stuttering.  "I'm not sure, but when I was pregnant with Aaliyah I had such bad pains. At first I thought I had a tumor or something so I went to the doctor and the woman asked for a sample or urine. I did it and she returned with a test; telling me I was pregnant." Belle explains, taking her hand. "I think we should take you," I tell her softly. "Okay," She nods, biting her lip. "What if Harry leaves me?" B asks, tears forming in her eyes. "He won't, I promise. How about we get you a few home tests?" I ask and she nods. We walk until we find a small pharmacy and we nip inside. Luckily, the store is empty and the older woman behind the counter doesn't seem to recognise us so we buy five and hurry out; the boxes concealed in a bag. "We're home," I shout out as we enter the apartment. "Hey," Niall calls out and I lift the Nando's bag in the air. He bustles me in to a hug, before taking the bag and dissapearing in to the kitchen. "Right, quick." I whisper to B and we all drop our bags to the floor. I lead her to one of the three bathrooms and she closes the door; test in hand. We wait for several minutes and Belle knocks on the door. When we get no reply, we push open the door and find Brooke on the floor in floods of tears. "B?" I ask, sitting down on the floor beside her. She continues to cry in to her hands and Belle picks up two of the tests that lie on the floor beside her. On both of them a small pink cross is visible. 
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