Rescue Me

Lia has lived in the slums of Rio, Brazil all her life and when Lia steals from a shop one night, two boys chase her and pin her to the ground. But what Lia doesn't realise is that this one Irish boy with kind blue eyes will be the one to show her new things and teach her about the world. Maybe even teach her about love.


55. Reception


Lias POV




Classical music begins playing as the wide doors open to reveal the large hall. Zayn pulls my veil gently over my face and links our arms again. We slowly begin walking up the slender aisle and all of our friends and family stand up. I look through  the thin material of my veil and spot Niall at the front of the hall. He turns to face me and a wide grin spreads over his face as his eyes sweep up and down me. My stomach pings and my heart hammers at the sight of him. Zayn lets go of me once we reach the front and Niall takes my hand; planting a kiss on my palm. I smile and take him in. In a simple black suit with a white shirt and black bow tie; he looked unbelievably smart. 
"You look perfect," He leans in and whispers in my ear, his breath hot on my cheek. I shake my head and blush as the photographer snaps away. The rest of the ceremony goes by smoothly with no interruptions; apart from a crying Tristan at one point which caused us all to laugh. 
"You may now kiss the bride," The woman doing the service says and Niall lifts the veil from my face. I close my eyes as his lips meet mine. We pull away to cheers and clapping. I can't stop grinning and as we pose for pictures, my cheeks ache with the pressure. But I loved it. I was now officially Lia Horan. 
Oh my god.
"Are you as happy as me?" Niall asks as we face the camera and I nod.
"Of course I am, I'm on top of the world." I stand on my tiptoes and plant a kiss on his lips again. 
"Come on," He takes me by the hand and we make our way back out to the front of the hall. Melody and Star are in a sectioned off area grazing so we stop by and have our pictures taken with them. Next, Niall leads me by the arm towards a huge tent set up in the center of the large gardens surrounding the stately home. 
"Everybody, welcome Mr and Mrs Horan!" Harry says into a microphone as we enter the tent. Mounds of confetti and petals come down on us and Niall laughs, picking them from my hair. He balances one on my nose and we have a competition on who can keep it there the longest without anyone noticing. Finally, after all of the speeches are finished; Belle decides to point it out to me. 
"Screw you," I say to Niall as he falls into a fit of laughter.
"I won, fair and square." He winks before kissing me again.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please clear the dance-floor for the bride and groom's first dance!" Zayn shouts into the microphone and everybody takes their seats. 
"I can't dance," Niall tells me, placing his hand on my hips and I rest my head on his chest.
"I seem to think that's a lie," I reply as the music begins playing. I smile and look over at Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis who were all singing 'This' by Ed Sheeran. 
"Hmm," He nods slightly, chuckling, before planting a kiss on my forehead. We sway in time to the soft beat and I close my eyes; relishing in the perfect moment.
"Stay here," Niall whispers in my ear once the song finishes. He lets go of my hand and heads over to the boys; leaving me confused on the dance floor alone. Belle shoots me a look from across the room and I shrug my shoulders in reply.
"This is for my princess." Niall's voice says over the speakers and people clap. The sound dies down and Niall places his guitar around his neck. He begins strumming and my heart leaps at the familiar tune.

"I met her last summer at the beach, It was forty degrees and she smiled at me." He begins, a grin spreading across his lips as he advances across the dance-floor towards me.
"I felt my stomach ping as she walked right over, She said what's your name and where are you from. I couldn't speak cause she made me feel lost." Niall's blue eyes met mine and I smile impishly up at him as our bodies get closer.
"And she was my summer love, you were mine and I was yours. She was my summer love and nothing could come between us." I watch with a smile as Niall plays and sings the rest of the song; the crowd erupting into applause once he finishes. 
"I love you," He says, placing his forehead on mine.
"I love you too, Nialler." I grin.
"Mrs. Horan, would you like a drink?" He asks and I blush at my new name.
"I would love one, Mr Horan." I counter back, putting on a posh English accent. 
"Let's go," Niall grins and takes me by the hand, leading me over to the bar.
He was mine and I was his. 
Just like the song promised. 

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