Rescue Me

Lia has lived in the slums of Rio, Brazil all her life and when Lia steals from a shop one night, two boys chase her and pin her to the ground. But what Lia doesn't realise is that this one Irish boy with kind blue eyes will be the one to show her new things and teach her about the world. Maybe even teach her about love.


27. Prank

"Jelly?" I call out, entering her room. Niall took us back to our house to pick up what we wanted to take before leaving tomorrow morning.
"In here," she shouts and I pad over to her room.
"You alright?" I ask her, sitting down on the matress beside her small body.
"I can't decide whether to take bunny or elephant," she sighs, holding the two teddies up for me to see.
"You can take both, " I tell her, smiling, she frowns and shakes her head though.
"But uncle Paul said that we can only take one person each," she pouts and I refrain from chuckling. 'Uncle Paul' was One Direction's bodyguard and he had come up to the apartment yesterday. I hadn't had a chance to meet him before that as I'd spent so long in my mothers room. He was a lovely man but with a tough appearance. Harry had told him about B coming along and he reluctantly agreed after seeing how happy he was with B by his side.
"Well, Uncle Paul won't find out." I pinch her cheek and she grins mischievously.
"Ready?" I ask, picking up her small pink suitcase that Niall had brought her yesterday.
"Yep," she stands up but then a thought crosses her face and she rushes out of the room. I follow her and stand in the doorway to my mothers bedroom, watching as she crouches by the side of the mattress.
"Goodbye, Mummy. I'll tell you all about it when we get back. I love you." My heart breaks as I watch Iva whisper this to the pillow on my mother's mattress. She kisses it before skipping out of the room towards me, clutching bunny to her chest.
"Let's go," I take her small hand in mine and we leave the house for the last time.

"Niall!" I shout, shaking him by the shoulder. He groans and rolls to the side, burying his face in the sheets.
"Niall, get up!" I shout but it's no use. I run out into the living room where I find Louis watching a football match on the television.
"Niall won't wake up and we only have an hour until we have to leave!" I exclaim. Louis thinks for a moment, his eyes twinkling with an idea.
"Two seconds," he puts a finger in the air before rushing in to the kitchen. I go into my room and find Iva trying to help Brooke do her stuffed suitcases shut. I laugh as they put all of their strength into the zip.
"Here," I chuckle, shooing them both away. I sit on the top of it and pull as hard as I can. Slowly, the zip does up and I cheer. Iva does a little celebratory dance and Brooke falls to the ground in laughter at her.
"LOUIS!!!" Someone shouts from the room down the hall and the three of us stick our heads out of the door. Louis comes running out of Niall's room, an empty jug in his hand. Niall appears a few seconds later, drenched.
"I swear to god I'm going to-" Niall growls, chasing Louis around the room Harry steps in, pulling Niall back. Louis falls to the floor of the living room, laughing hard. I can't help but chuckle at Niall.
"I'll get you back," he mumbles before heading in to the bathroom.
"Lou!" I shout, hitting him with a pillow.
"What?" He looks up at me from the floor, still laughing.
"I didn't want you to pour water on him!" I exclaim, trying not to laugh.
"It got him up, didn't it?" He winks, standing up.
"I got it!" Liam calls as a knock sounds at the front door. Paul walks in, sports bag in hand.
"Everyone ready? You need to be in the lobby in twenty minutes!" He calls, tapping his watch.
"Gotcha," Liam says and Paul turns around, heading in to the lift, giving him a salute and a wink.
"Right, cases packed everyone?" Liam asks, going all serious.
"Zayn?" He looks at the dark haired boy and Zayn lifts his blue suitcase up with a nod.
"Kitchen," Harry replies, walking off to get it.
"Check!" She chimes, tapping her long pink nails on her case.
"Louis?" Liam turns to him where he gives him a thumbs up from the sofa, his eyes once again glued to the tv.
"Lia?" I nod.
"Two seconds!" I say before heading into my shared room with Iva. I return with it in my hands and he nods, satisfied.
"Yep!" She pats her pink suitcase proudly.
"Got mine," Niall says, coming out of his room. He wears a white vest that hangs low and reveals his muscles, making my head fuzzy. He puts his suitcase down beside mine, before kissing me on the nose.
"I'm going to go eat," he says, heading in to the kitchen.
"No!" Me, Brooke, Harry, Zayn and Liam all exclaim at the same time.
"Why not?" He frowns, looking crestfallen.
"We have..." Liam looks at his watch.
"Five minutes to get downstairs, so lets go!" He announces with a smile. I grab my suitcase but Zayn takes it for me. I smile gratefully at him and Harry takes Jelly's, then places her on his back. Niall grabs his and I jump on to his back, winking at Iva. Brooke takes Harry's free hand and I smile at her. She grins back and I feel excited for the first time in weeks. We pile in to the lift and Louis shouts;
"Paris, here we come!" We all cheer and Niall tilts his head slightly so his mouth is near my ear as I cling to his strong back.
"Ready for Paris, princess?" He asks and I grin.
"Wouldn't miss it for the world."
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