Rescue Me

Lia has lived in the slums of Rio, Brazil all her life and when Lia steals from a shop one night, two boys chase her and pin her to the ground. But what Lia doesn't realise is that this one Irish boy with kind blue eyes will be the one to show her new things and teach her about the world. Maybe even teach her about love.


28. Planes And Horses

Lias POV

We boarded the plane with no problems at all; as soon as the check in lady saw it was One Direction, we were hurried through the gates. We are flying 'first-class' as Niall put it, which basically means that no one can get to where we are seated. We take our seats, Niall to my left and Jelly to my right. She soon falls asleep, clutching bunny to her.
"I've never flown before," I remind Niall, feeling my palms begin to sweat already.
"It'll be fine," he promises, taking my hand. The plane begins to move soon after that and I close my eyes. Oh god, this was horrible. I begin to relax as the plane cruises along the runway at no faster than a car. Then suddenly, it moves forward at an alarming pace and I bite back a scream. Niall laughs and squeezes my hand as the huge structure courses upwards into the clouds.
"How you hanging in there, Lia?" Brooke leans forward in the seat behind her, resting her head on the top of Jelly's seat to look at me. I just bite my lip and nod. Inside, I was a nervous wreck. Brooke laughs and sits back down beside Harry. It takes me about two hours to fully relax, and even after that I still couldn't bring myself to stand up. Niall and Jelly are both asleep beside me, Niall's head leaning on my shoulder. Brooke stands up and crouches in the middle of the plane next to a sleeping Niall so that she can talk to me. We chat for another hour before she has to move, to allow a women with a trolley full of food to get through.
"Anybody want any drinks, foods, magazines?" The women calls out.
"Food!" Niall exclaims, suddenly awake. I chuckle at him as he orders bags of crisps and chocolate. He hands one to me and we dig in.
"I hate missing breakfast," Niall groans, mouth full of crisps.
"I could have guessed," I laugh, picking at my chocolate bar. It wasn't because I didn't like it, I had never tasted anything so nice before and I wanted to savour the taste.
"You enjoying that?" Niall laughs, putting his empty crisp packet into the pocket hanging on the back of the seat in front of him. I nod, placing the last piece in to my mouth.
"I've gotta stretch," he declairs, standing up and placing a kiss on my forehead before heading down the aisle.
"You alright, Lia?" Zayn asks, taking the empty seat beside me.
"I am now I've had this," I wave the chocolate wrapper at him and he gives a knowing smile.
"They do say that chocolate is a girls bestfriend," he winks at me.
"I think you'll find that's diamonds," Brooke argues, leaning over the chair again.
"I thought it was shoes," Harry adds and Zayn shakes his head.
"I'm sure it's chocolate," he gives me a wink and I chuckle.
"I thought a girls bestfriend was horses," I place the empty chocolate wrapper in the same place as Niall.
"Horses, huh?" Zayn cocks an eyebrow.
"Yep, they say it's God's apology for men." Brooke informs us.
"Hey!" Harry protests, poking her in the sides.
"Well, most men." She gives him a wink.
"Do you ride then, Lia?" Brooke returns her attention to me.
"I used to, my aunty had horses and she made a lot of money. People on holiday in Brazil would pay my aunty to take her horses on a tour of Rio. I was the one that took the tours until I was about..." I think for a moment.
"I had horses back in Memphis, my mom owned the local ranch." Brooke explains and I turn to face her, smiling widely.
"Niall should take you to a riding thing..." Harry starts but can't find the right word.
"Riding school?" Brooke asks and he nods.
"School?" Niall asks, appearing back beside Zayn. He leans on the chair informs of us and grins. Zayn shakes his head then explains to Niall about my past with horses.
"I've always fancied that," Niall says, grinning.
"Maybe we can teach you?" Brooke suggests, looking at all three of the boys. Zayn gets an unsure look on his face and Harry clears his throat. Me and Brooke laugh but we're interrupted by the voice of the captain.
"Ladies and gentlemen, we will be landing in Paris in roughly 45 minutes. Thank you." It finishes and everyone heads back to their seats. Niall lowers himself beside me and we spend the last bit of the journey talking about horses. Well, more me explaining about them.
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