Rescue Me

Lia has lived in the slums of Rio, Brazil all her life and when Lia steals from a shop one night, two boys chase her and pin her to the ground. But what Lia doesn't realise is that this one Irish boy with kind blue eyes will be the one to show her new things and teach her about the world. Maybe even teach her about love.


39. Movies


  Belle's POV   We've just arrived in London, after saying goodbye to the boys at the airport. Niall and Harry looked visibly upset about leaving Brooke and Lia. Lou had hugged me tightly, telling me to be safe. Once we pulled back, he looked as though he was going to say something; but then he stopped himself.  "Right," Brooke says as we drop our suitcases on to the wooden floor. The apartment was huge, the only one on the complex. Behind the block was a large field with a stable; specially built for Lia. I loved Melody; she was sweet and gentle, depsite being twice my size. Lia had given me a lesson on her a few days after she'd got her and I had to admit I'd really enjoyed myself. "Let's go find the rooms!" Brooke claps her hands and Aaliyah runs off hand in hand with Jelly to explore. "Be careful, girls!" Lia shouts after them. "Shall we?" Brooke asks, motioning at the stairs. We climb them and begin going in to each of the rooms. I let Lia and Brooke decide first and Lia chooses a medium sized room with lilac walls and white furniture, whilst Brooke decides on a larger room with light pink walls and a large window looking over the field. I trail through the rest until I end up in the one at the end of the hall. I open the door and smile at the insides. It was roughly the same size as Lia's with baby blue walls and white furniture. A large four post bed is up against the left wall; the covers matching the walls. A large fluffy white rug sits on the floor and I slip my shoes off; letting the material tiggle my feet. I start to unpack and think about my parents. What were they doing now? Did they miss me? Did they worry? They hadn't even met Aaliyah. She had no idea she had grandparents. I felt bad, of course but it had been my parent's decision to kick me out. They hadn't bothered to call or text so I had left it. I had tried not to think about it but it dawned on me that I was missing them. Or someone. Or Louis. "Mummy?" Aaliyah pokes her head into the room. "Hey, baby." I say softly, picking her up and stroking her hair. "Can me and Jelly share a room?" She asks, green eyes wide and happy. "Of course, baby. Just be careful." I tell her, kissing her nose. "Thank you, Mummy!" She exclaims, jumping down and rushing out. I finish unpacking my clothes and I take a look in the large full-length mirror on the wall. My green eyes stare back at me and my blonde hair falls in it's natural tight curls down to my shoulders. I pull off my leggings and change them for white pyjama bottoms and a black vest top. I pull on my oversized cardigan and pull my hair into a side braid. Once I'm finished, I plaster a smile on my lips by thinking of Lou and head down the stairs.    Lia's POV "Shall we have a movie day?" Brooke asks as I flop down on one of the four sofas in the living room. "Sure," I nod, twisting my hair in to a bun. Belle appears in the doorway so I wave her over with a smile. "We're going to have a movie day, Belle." I tell her and she smiles.  "Great, what are we watching?" She asks, sitting down beside me. "You can decied whilst me and Brooke go get changed." I stand up and Brooke follows. "I'm actually gonna go to the shop and get some junk food and ice cream," She winks before heading out of the door. I rush up the stairs and in to my new room. I loved it. I walk over to the wardrobe and pull out a pair of pyjama bottoms and an oversized red jumper. I pull on my wolly socks and look around. Then, I drag my duvet off the bed and a few pillows; balancing them as I trudge down the stairs step by step. "Here," I say, exhausted. Belle helps me to lay the duvet out and the pillows over the floor on the large rug. We snuggle down and talk whilst we wait for Brooke. Iva and Aalyiah come bustling in, asking if they can watch. They take a seat beside us, resting their backs on the sofa. We huddle together like penguins as we have no idea how to turn the heating on. It was July here, but the rain still hammered down.  "I'm back!" Brooke calls, walking in to the room with two carrier bags. She dumps the contents on to the duvet in front of us. Packets of sweets, popcorn, chocolate bars, skittles, rolos, smarties and a tub of strawberry ice cream sit infront of us. Immediately, the two girls grab the sweets so me and Brooke grab three spoons and me, Belle and her tuck in to the ice cream. Brooke puts the film on, one called 'My Sister's Keeper' and by the end we're all in tears.  "That was the saddest film I've watched in a long time," I wipe tears from my eyes and so does Brooke. "Let's watch this," Belle suggests, placing a different DVD into the tv. Iva and Aaliyah run off upstairs to play so the three of us snuggle down under the covers and the film comes on. This one was called 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower' and it was now my favourite film. "When's Melody getting here, Lia?" Brooke asks, placing a piece of popcorn into her mouth. "Erm, Niall said she should be here tomorrow; late morning." I reply, taking a bite of chocolate. We spend the rest of the day watching more films; including one called 'Sinister'. It was terrifying and by the end of it we were all hiding behind pillows.  
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