Rescue Me

Lia has lived in the slums of Rio, Brazil all her life and when Lia steals from a shop one night, two boys chase her and pin her to the ground. But what Lia doesn't realise is that this one Irish boy with kind blue eyes will be the one to show her new things and teach her about the world. Maybe even teach her about love.


44. Christmas Eve

Brooke's POV

I sat in the living room with Belle whilst Lia cleared up the glass. Zayn had run after Harry, Liam was upstairs with Niall keeping Aaliyah and Iva entertained so it was just us downstairs. I heard the front door open and I prayed to god that it was Harry.
But Zayn appeared in the doorway. He offers me a small smile and then steps to the side; allowing Harry to come through. He doesn't meet my eyes as he takes a seat on the sofa opposite me. I'm sat cross legged on the floor with Belle, our backs leaning against the sofa so I have to look up to meet his eyes.
"I'm just out there if you need me," Belle says, standing up and leaving the room.
After several minutes he remains silent.
"Say something, Harry!" I demand, exhausted.
"I'm sorry," he says quietly. I gape at him.
"For what?" I ask, shaking my head.
"You're stuck with me now, B. You'll feel obliged to stay with me because of this baby. And the press! They'll follow you everywhere and comment on every little damn thing you do because you're pregnant with my child," he says the last bit dripping with guilt.
"Harry," I pull him on to the floor by the hands and he sits cross legged opposite me; our knees touching.
"I'm scared out of my mind. I don't know if I can do this but I was so upset because I thought that you would leave me for sure. When you stormed out I thought it was because you hated me but I had no idea that you felt guilty. You have nothing to be sorry for, or feel bad about." I meet his eyes and a ghost of a smile appears on his lips.
"I would never leave you, B. I swear. I love you and I love this baby. So, no matter what happens i'll be here." Harry promises, touching our foreheads together.

Lias POV

The next morning was Christmas Eve and everyone was buzzing with excitement. Brooke and Harry had sorted things out, which was great and they had shared the news with the rest of the boys last night after dinner. Me and Belle had told Aaliyah and Iva too whilst we were tucking them in. They seemed pretty excited. They thought it was an early Christmas present. I turn over in bed to meet Niall's blue eyes.
"Morning, Princess." He says in that sleepy voice of his that I could listen to all day.
"Good morning, Nialler." I smile and he turns on to his back. He picks up a piece of my hair and plays with it absentmindedly.
"What's on your mind?" I ask.
"Christmas," he sighs.
"What about it?" I frown, sensing his dissapointment.
"We'll, I haven't seen my family in a while and Christmas is when we all usually come together... But it's okay seeing as I have you and everyone else." He hugs me to his chest as a plan forms in my mind.

Belle POV

It's Christmas Eve! And I would finally be able to give Aaliyah the Christmas she deserved.
"Belle!" Lou shouts from downstairs. I tell B and Lia I would be two seconds and left them wrapping presents in my room.
"Yeah?" I call out, standing at the top of the stairs.
"Lou?" I say with no answer.
"Hey," he whispers, breath on my cheek as his arms sneak around my waist from behind.
"We're all watching Christmas films in the living room to get us in the mood for things." He buries his head in my neck.
"Sure, we're just finishing wrapping." I tell him, swinging around in his arms to plant a kiss on his lips.
"They're watching Christmas films downstairs," I inform the girls as I walk back into the room.
"Great!" Brooke squeals, clapping her hands in excitement. She had really cheered up since yesterday; after her and Harry had talked.
"How's the wrapping coming along?" I ask as I take a seat on the floor beside Lia. She chews her lip as she looks at the assortment of packages surrounding her.
"I just have yours and Liam's left to wrap," she decides, nodding.
"I'm gonna go take a bath and then i'll meet you all downstairs." I tell them, standing up.
"See you in a bit," Brooke calls as I shut the bathroom door. I turn the taps on and watch the water slowly rise. Lou had put a picture of me, him and Aaliyah on to the mirror that hangs over the bath. I smile at it as I climb into the warm water. The bubbles soak my skin; taking away the nots in my muscles. I hadn't felt so relaxed in a long time. Everything was great. It was Christmas tomorrow. Aaliyah was happy. I had great friends. A lovely home.
And I had Louis.
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