Rescue Me

Lia has lived in the slums of Rio, Brazil all her life and when Lia steals from a shop one night, two boys chase her and pin her to the ground. But what Lia doesn't realise is that this one Irish boy with kind blue eyes will be the one to show her new things and teach her about the world. Maybe even teach her about love.


54. Carriage

Hi guys,

Thank you for all the comments, views, likes & favourites; I had no idea it would get this popular:)

Sorry for the short chapter but the next is the wedding and wedding reception and will take me a while so I'll leave you with this:)

Molls X 




Lias POV


"Oh my god," I exclaim, covering my mouth with my hand. 

"Melody! Star!" Melody and Star were attached to the large old-fashioned cart that was beautifully carved and crafted. 

"I'm driving," Brooke says, winking. She helps me into the tall carriage and I take a seat, sorting out my dress. Iva, Aliyah, Sarah and Belle climb in and we all settle down on the leather cushions.

"Ready?" Brooke asks, turning to face us from where she sits at the front of the carriage. 

"Let's go!" Belle chimes and I chuckle as everyone cheers. Brooke whips the horses gently and they begin to walk, dragging the carriage behind them. People cast us glances as we make our way towards the reception. Soon, a large crowd of people, cameras and fans are following us until we pull up infront of the large stately home. Security block off the large iron gates once we enter and the fans are left behind. Melody and Star come to a stop infront of the large doors and we all step carefully down, Belle grabbing my train to stop it from hitting the floor. It was a warm and sunny September day, the gentle breeze caressing my arms as we all walk towards the hall. From inside, I can hear camera snaps, people talking and gentle classical music playing. My stomach does flips again and as I'm about to go in, I stop and pull away.

"I can't do this," I whisper, panicking.

"Lia, what's wrong?" Belle asks, leading me away from the doors and towards a bench outside.

"I can't, Belle." I tell her, burying my head in my hands and leaning my elbows on my knees. 

"Of course you can," She says, rubbing my back. I look up to see Zayn rushing out of the doors.

"Lia? What's up? You're meant to be in there," He points to the large hall before taking a seat on the other side of me.

"I'm terrified, Zayn." I admit, as Belle rushes off to stop Aliyah touching the large water fountain that stands in the center of the drive.

"You shouldn't be, Lia. He loves you, you know. I can see it every time he looks at you. Even if one of us mentions your name his whole face lights up. He's absolutely smitten, Lia. And it would crush him if you didn't go in there and become his wife today. I know you desperately want to go in there and become Mrs. Horan. So you can't let worrying and denial stop you from doing something that will make you happy," His eyes are intense as he meets mine.

"Thank you, Zayn." I tell him, taking a deep breath. He smiles and takes my hand, helping me off the bench. 

"Come on," He says and I hug him. 

"Would you walk me down the aisle, Zayn?" I ask. It had taken me a while to realise that I had no one to walk me. My father had run off a few days after Iva was born. 

"It would be my absolute honour, Lia." He grins and I place a kiss on his cheek.

"You can do this," He whispers, slipping his arm through mine. Brooke and Belle come up behind us and take my train in their hands. They offer me smiles and thumbs up as we advance towards the door. Iva and Aliyah walk through the door first; sprinkling petals on to the floor from small baskets.

"This is it," I murmur, taking a deep breath and stepping into the large hall. 







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