Rescue Me

Lia has lived in the slums of Rio, Brazil all her life and when Lia steals from a shop one night, two boys chase her and pin her to the ground. But what Lia doesn't realise is that this one Irish boy with kind blue eyes will be the one to show her new things and teach her about the world. Maybe even teach her about love.


31. Belle


The third and final act of the night is a dance act. Her name is Belle and she will be dancing to a song called 'Little Things'.” The presenter says, winking at our table. We clap along with the rest of the audience and a pretty girl with blonde hair tied into a high ponytail and emerald green eyes steps onto the stage. She takes up her position and the crowd quiten down. We watch intently as the song begins and she dances around the stage. The pure emotion and soul that you can see in her movement is beautiful. Her lean legs glide effortlessly across the stage and she brings the song alive. Once she's finished, I stand up along with the rest of the boys and Brooke in a wild applause. I look over at Louis to see him clapping louder than the rest, wolf-wistling as she takes a bow. She slips off the stage and we begin to head back.

That girl was amazing,” Zayn notes as we bustle in to the lift.

Yeah, she was great.” Agrees Liam. I spot Louis looking more than happy and I nudge him in the side.

You alright, Lou?” I ask and he nods, giving me the thumbs up. The lift doors open and we say our good-nights. Niall tucks me in as Brooke finishes in the bathroom, kissing me before leaving the room. Iva is fast asleep and soon I am too; barely acknowledging Brooke climbing in beside me.



**Louis' P.O.V**


I wake up, my throat burning from thirst. I pull back the covers and wander in to the living room half asleep. My eyes aren't fully open so as I go to get a glass from the side, it falls from my grasp and smashes to the floor. I curse under my breath for a moment and listen to the night. Thankfully, no one had been woken up. I look around for a mop but I can't find anything. I sigh and open the door, heading in to the lift. The 'ding' of the lift doors opening signals my entrance and the security guard behind the front desk looks in my direction.

Excuse me?” I ask.

I dropped a glass in my room and I was wondering if there was a cleaner around?” Thankfully, the man speaks English and he directs me to the bottom floor rooms. He tells me the room number and I head in search of the right door. The man promised that there was a cleaner up at all times so it should be fine to knock. I find the right door, I hope, and knock softly. I hear the faint sound of sobbing coming from inside so I gently push open the door. It creaks and I poke my head in to the room, the bright light dazzling me. I take my phone from my pocket and glance at the screen. 3am. Great.

Are you alright, love?” I call out, spotting a young girl huddled on the bed. When she doesn't reply, I slip in to the room. She was crying.

Are you alright?” I repeat, stepping closer. She looks up and her dazzling green eyes meet mine. She was the dancer from earlier. My heart picks up pace as I step closer again.

Love?” I ask and notice that she's cradling something in her arms. I step closer once more till I’m right in front of her and see that it's a small child.

What's wrong?” I ask her, crouching down so I can look at her.

I... I...” She tries to splutter out but soon begins crying again.

Please, don't cry.” I try my best to comfort her but she was sobbing so violently, I thought she was in pain.

Are you hurt?” I ask, assessing her body with my eyes.

No.” She replies, shaking her head and wiping her damp eyes.

Then what's wrong?” I repeat, looking at the child who is fast-asleep in her arms.

The manager... he... he promised that I could stay here, that I could live in this room. As-long as I danced every night he said I would be fine...” She splutters out in-between sobs.

Why are you crying then?” I ask, concerned.

He... He told me I’m sacked. He told me to g-g-et out by m-m-morning.” She continues and I frown. She had no where to go and it was already 3 am.

Listen...” I run a hand through my ruffled hair.

You can stay at mine tonight and then in the morning i'll talk to the manager for you and we'll see what we can sort out.” I offer and she meets my eyes again.

R-really?” She asks, wiping tears away.

Of course,” I smile and a ghost of one appears on her heart-shaped lips.

Thank you,” She whispers and I smile again.

Do you want me to take her cot?” I ask, presuming it's her baby sister. She nods and stands up so I fold the small black cot up and carry it under my arm. I lead her out into the lobby and the security guard gives me a funny look. I nod to let him know that it's alright and I press the button for the top floor on the lift. We ride in silence and when we reach the floor, I step out; leading her in to my room. I switch on the lights and tell her to be careful of the glass. She looks exhausted. I quickly put up the cot and she places her sister inside, looking around in astonishment at the room. I pat the bed and she slowly climbs in to it. I pull the covers up to her chin and she smiles gratefully, her green eyes looking heavy.

Good night,” I say and she smiles one last time before falling asleep. I pull a spare pillow and duvet on to the floor and fall asleep thinking of her.

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