Broken - A Hunger Games Fan Fiction

This is the story of Tallulah, who is picked for the hunger games. Read her story to find out what happens. Don't forget to like and please comment.


9. Chapter 9

A night without sleep means that when Eve comes to wake me in the morning for training, I am not exactly the happiest of people.

“Now, up you get Tal”

“I’m up” I snap rising from my bed.

With the warmth of the duvet gone I stand shivering in my nightie.

“What’s so important anyway?”

“Today is the first day of training, so it’s a big, big day” she raises her arms to gesture how important it is.

“I don’t need training, I think dying will be pretty easy” I mutter under my breath.

“What was that?”

“Nothing!” I smile and run into the bathroom to shower. When I return my bed has been made, my room tidied and my clothes have been left on the bed in front of me. It consists of...a plain black top with a red stripe and “District 4” on the sleeve, a pair of plain black skinny trousers and a pair of slip on shoes, plain black.

I get dressed and walk casually out of the room to eat breakfast. I forget all about Danny until I see him at the table. I try to creep past him unnoticed but he has already seen me.

“Hey Tal, sleep well?” he sounds so happy

I nod and continue past him.

“What’s wrong”

“Nothing” I murmur

He doesn’t say anything else, I think he’s given up, Danny knows that I’m upset.

Effie comes to escort us to training just ten minutes later. She is dressed in an elaborate outfit, with a giant poppy in her hair and a poppy on each of her ballet pumps. I smile at her. I wish I had the chance to dress up.

“Finnick’s waiting by the lift” she says, leading us in that direction.

I see him straight away. He looks so effortlessly cool. His hair swept back in such a way that you’d think he’d spent hours getting it just right.

“Morning” He says with a cheeky grin.

He shakes Danny by the hand and gives me a kiss on the cheek, before getting into the lift. I blush, and then step in after him.

We don’t chat on the way to training. Seeing Danny look so amazing in his training clothes, I start to wonder whether he had a girlfriend in district four, someone who he had when our family didn’t welcome him. I can’t remember anyone, but I can’t help thinking that there must have been one girl.

When we arrive, all the other districts are lined up ready to go. They sigh and snarl at us as we walk in even though we are on time. One tribute even makes a remark to another about me. I can’t hear what but the way she stares and points at me is a giveaway. A woman in training clothes like ours steps onto the stage in front of us. The only difference between us and her, is that she had “Game-maker” printed on her sleeve instead of “district...”

“Welcome tributes, congratulations” she says “you are so lucky to be able to represent your district in the arena”

Murmurs and sighs echo around the room.

“But as I’m sure you’re aware, there can only be one winner”

Everyone is focused intently on her.

“But, you may be interested to know, that if you don’t pay attention in training, I can guarantee you won’t fare well in the arena”

She picks up a sword and strokes the blade.

“This” she says holding up the sword “Is one way you could die”

I feel Danny reach out to clutch my hand, but I deliberately cross my arms.

“But, you could also die from natural causes, such as dehydration”

She takes a bottle of water from the pedestal next to her.

“You need this, to survive!”

“But, the rest, you’ll have to find out for yourself, now are there any questions?”

A few tributes put up their hands but she continues anyway.

“Good! Then let’s get started”

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