Broken - A Hunger Games Fan Fiction

This is the story of Tallulah, who is picked for the hunger games. Read her story to find out what happens. Don't forget to like and please comment.


8. Chapter 8

After the parade, President Snow addresses us personally. He repeats the same sentence, which is said every year at the parade.

“Tributes, we salute your courage, and most importantly, your sacrifice”

I tut and roll my eyes.

“So, we welcome you to the 73rd annual hunger games, and may the odds be ever in your favour. The words echo round the room, as well as in my head. I can’t stop thinking about Danny. He is no longer on the horses, but standing on the floor, gently stroking a horse. I frown at him. As the horses start to lead out and the crowd goes wild, as Danny walks along waving and grinning at them.

Once we are behind the safety of closed doors I find Finnick, I don’t say a word to Danny.

“Just get me away from here!” I say. Finnick puts his arm around me and leads me to our apartment, well our home, for the next couple of weeks.

“Thanks” I say and walk away.

“Look, if you need someone to talk to, as your mentor, I’ll be that someone”

“Thanks Finnick, Finnick Odair”

“Night Tallulah”

I skip dinner that evening, I feel sick at the thought of seeing Danny, of facing him again. As I close my eyes I can see my family. And in sleep I find no refuge from that. I have a terrible nightmare. We are in the arena, and I am with Danny. I think I’m safe, but in the night he tries to kill me. The wild look in his eyes scares me into running. I run straight into Finnick’s arms. He repeats over and over that he is going to be the someone I can talk to. I feel safe, until Danny hunts me down and shoots me with an arrow in my stomach. I feel the pain like it is real. The sight of Finnick takes it all away though and I just fall asleep. I wake up, panting and sweaty. I clutch my stomach but it was all a dream. No Not a dream, a nightmare, a terrible nightmare.

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