Broken - A Hunger Games Fan Fiction

This is the story of Tallulah, who is picked for the hunger games. Read her story to find out what happens. Don't forget to like and please comment.


7. Chapter 7

The games’ building is enormous and stands out in the Capitol. We walk inside and are immediately led backstage. We can already hear the buzz of the audience even though the parade doesn’t start for a few hours yet. I am introduced to my stylist. Her name is Emerald. The top half of her hair is blond and the bottom is a beautiful emerald green, similar to the colour of her eyes. I stare in awe at her, while she stands so casually in front of me, hand on her hip.

“You’re beautiful!” I whisper

“Thank you sweetie” she smiles “Come on then”

She leads me to a private room where she has laid out my clothes for the parade. I can tell immediately that she has designed all of this herself, as I catch my reflection on the emerald coloured jewels sewn onto the tail of the mermaid costume.

“You like?”

I nod eagerly “It’s so gorgeous”

“Well, you know, every year they use the same fish costumes from the year before, but this year, well, I thought outside the box”

I run my fingers down the material. I pick up the tail and examine it closely, it feels slightly odd, and like it were a real mermaid. I try to think about what Danny will be, but somehow I can’t imagine him in a mermaid costume.

“What’s Danny dressed up as?”

“Well, you’ll have to wait and see!”

We spend the next hour in the same room. Emerald undo’s my hair and adds a few sparkly gems to the top of my hair. She sprays the bottom the same colour as her hair, then also adds more gems.

The makeup I wear is minimalistic. Just neutral colours on my eyes with a soft pink lip to add a touch of elegance. She stands back to admire her work.

“There” she says “Now you really look like a mermaid.

I slip into the costume and take a quick glance at myself in the mirror. I don’t see a poor girl from District 4 anymore, I see a girl who won’t be afraid of anything, a girl who can face whatever the capitol can throw at her, and most importantly I see beauty.

I climb into the chariot, being careful not to rip the tail. Our chariot has been specially designed so that I can lie down. The bottom is covered in a sea blue material and the edges and outside of the chariot are studded with shells and rocks, that you might find in the sea.

I climb in and lie down on the chariot, just before Danny appears. His old district four clothes are gone, he wears gold shorts and the top half of his body in covered in a silver and green fishing net. He carries a trident in his hand.

“Ridiculous right?”

“No, you look amazing Danny” His stylist has certainly done a great job.

“This was all Finnick” he says holding up the trident.

I glance at Finnick and he smiles at me.

The gong sounds and Danny climbs in the chariot in front of me.

“Ah, ah, ah” Finnick says “No, we want you standing behind Tallulah!”

He sighs and stands behind me muttering under his breath.

Then we’re off.

The horses lurch forward and then we are lost in a room full of bright lights and people cheering.

They all stop and stare at us in wonder.

My name appears on the screens at the side under a live video of me in my chariot.

They start chanting my name.

“Tallulah, Tallulah”

I smile and wave politely at them.

I can’t see Danny’s face, but I know he’s mad. Suddenly without warning he jumps over me and walks towards the horses.

“Danny” I hiss quietly

He jumps on one horse’s back and gives a loud “WHOOP”

The crowd go wild. They are no longer bothered about me, I’m the last thing on their mind. Now the only thing that I can hear is his name.

“DANNY, DANNY” They aren’t just chanting, they’re screaming, like fan girls at a concert.

Then I remember. Freya, the girl outside the train, and how he always wants’ to look his best.

He doesn’t care about me anymore, all that’s on his mind right now, is being the victor. And I have had enough.

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