Broken - A Hunger Games Fan Fiction

This is the story of Tallulah, who is picked for the hunger games. Read her story to find out what happens. Don't forget to like and please comment.


1. Chapter 1


A siren drones loudly in the distance, but in district four, we all know what it is, no need to ask anyone! My sister, Lotta calls my name just as the siren stops. I can tell she’s nervous, it’s her last year in the reaping. She’s 18 you see. I walk downstairs to see her twiddling her thumbs nervously. As I walk into the kitchen, my mum runs her fingers through my hair, but I push her away. No need to be sentimental.

“Ahhh, here’s my three favourite girls” my dad walks in and stands behind me and Lotta.

“Last year for you Lotta, my girl” he pats Lotta’s back and then turns to me.

“And you Tallulah, well, try not to worry!” he smiles, but I can tell he’s worried. “Now, we have the girls, but where is Danny?” As if on cue my brother, Danny’s footsteps are heard in the other room

“DANNY!” he yells as the siren drones again.

He rushes in, one shoe on, one shoe off.

“Sorry Dad!” he apologizes, then turns to me. “Ready Tal?” I nod and we walk out together.

I know it’s a bit cheesy to refer to your brother as your best friend, but Danny’s always there for me, and I couldn’t ask for a better brother. Lotta walks behind us, slowly dragging her feet. She hates the brother, sister relationship I have with Danny.

As we get closer to the centre of district four, Danny’s grip tightens. He is 17, so he still has two years, before he is “safe” from the reapings, but I know how scared he is. Just before the desks where we check in, swarms of peacekeepers are gathering near us. I edge closer to Danny, the peacekeepers always scare me. The way they stare at you in a superior fashion and the white suits that they walk around in. We walk quickly to the check in desk, where a woman peacekeeper sighs and taps her watch impatiently.

“You’re late!” she sounds angry

“Well, sorry” Danny says grinning at me

I smile back, but I can’t help but thinking that Danny doesn’t take the reapings as seriously as he should.

She pricks our fingers and then we are led away to join our gender groups.

“See you later Tal!” Danny calls

“Bye Danny”

Lotta joins me after a few minutes. She giggles as she tells me about a boy she met on the way down. She goes on about him for a few minutes...

“Yea, so he was walking, and I just had to say hello, I don’t like being anti social like you, so I was like Hi, oh and did I mention his name is Andrew”

“Yes, yes you did Lotta”

She frowns at me. “You’re just jealous, because no boys are interested in you”

“I’m fourteen, I don’t need boys in my life”

She goes to say something, but stops. I’m not bothered about Lotta and her love life.

We are interrupted by Effie Trinket. She taps the microphone and starts her long speech.

“Welcome, welcome, welcome” she starts “to the seventy third annual hunger games”

“So in just a few minutes time, one lucky boy and one lucky girl will be chosen to have the honour to represent district four”

Lots of people roll their eyes and sigh at that point. They say it’s an honour, but it’s really not!

“So, without further ado, let’s find out who the lucky tributes are. And as usual, ladies first”

She walks over to the giant glass ball, and pushes her hand into the pile of names. Everyone holds their breath at this point. I can see everyone around me shaking. Lotta, standing next to me suddenly grips my hand and stares at me.

It seems like forever, but eventually Effie picks out a card.

She trots over to the microphone in her insanely high heels and opens up the name.

Still she keeps us waiting.

Effie takes a deep breath in and reads the name on the card.

“Tallulah Starlett”

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