New Beginning

Kirsty is the girl that all the guys want, that all the girls want to look like and who everybody hates but secretly loves. She had a boyfriend, great friends, but when things start to go from amazing to horrible, she knows its time for a life change. She moves to New York City to start over. She moves in to her very own Manhattan apartment, gets and internship at Teen Vogue, makes friends. She hits the big time when she meets 5 guys who change her life forever. Does she live her life as a normal girl trying to find her place in the world? Or live her life as a celebrity she is about to become?


7. Sony Records Interview...

Holla to all my readers. I hope you are enjoying the book so far :) Please tell me what you think. Anyway, I need a little advice on something. Something is going to happen in Chapter 9, can't tell you what it is. But do you think Kyle (Kirsty's best gay friend) must go with Kirsty to wherever she's going or stay in New York City? Please tell me what must happen. :)

Thank you so much for the comments, votes and reads. Really means a lot to me that you read my fan-fic. I may need 2 more characters in the book, so whoever wants to be the characters, please tell me, so I can choose.

Happy reading :) xx

I wake up with a throbbing headache. Its 9:00am and I'm in Kyle's apartment with Hailey. I passed out on the couch when coming back from the club last night, with all my clothes off except my underwear and one shoe on my foot. I rub my eyes and look on the floor for my bag and get two aspirins out. I walk to the kitchen to get a glass of milk, gulp the aspirins down, and go back to the sitting room.

I gather my clothes, find my other shoe slip it on my foot and open the door of Kyle's apartment, poke my head through the gab of the opening of the door, see if anyone is in sight, so I can quickly dash across the hall to my apartmeny. The coast is clear and I run across the hall slamming the door of Kyle's apartment. I search my bag for my keys and open the door and slip in, hopefully getting unnoticed.

I drop all my clothes on my bedroom floor and rush over to the shower, take my underwear off and my shoes and get in. I quickly wash my body with Vanilla and Lavender body wash, and wash my hair. I turn the shower off and grab a towel and wrap it around my body. I rush into my walk-in and grab a pink lace pantie and bra and pull them on. I rummage around my closet looking for something to wear. I'm not getting dressed fancy, so I get a pair of white skinny jeans, yellow blouse, white blazer and blue Guisepe Zanoti heels. I dry my hair roughly with the towel, brush my wild looking hair a few times, put some mousse through my hair and tie my hair in a high ponytail.

I do my make-up trying to hide the prada bags under my eyes with a lot of concealer. I hate being in a rush to get ready to go somewhere. I always end up looking like shit, like I've crawled out of a hole or something. I take another two aspirins to get this headache cured and go back into my bedroom.

I get my BlackBerry, I unlock it and it's already 10:30am and I need to be at Sony Records at 11:00am. I open up google maps to look for Sony Records directions from my apartment on the map. It only takes four minutes to get there, so that will give me time to get Starbucks and Sprinkle cupcakes for a late breakfast. I grap my bag and leave my apartment.

I head to Starbucks, get my morning fix of their delicious coffee. I am about to leave Starbucks when I see a girl sitting at a table on her laptop crying. Not the ugly cry, but the tears are in her eyes coming down her cheeks. I walk over to her slowly.

"Hey, are you okay hun?" I ask, handing her a tissue from my bag.

"My boyfriend is what's wrong. Him and I broke up after 5 years." She says choking up, but she stops herself from letting the tears run down her cheeks.

I look at her, like she is really meaning something to me all of sudeen. I don't know her, but I feel sorry for her. Cause I went through a break up of five years with my ex. I give her my number to call me later today, and I got her number too. Her name is Hannah Adams.

I walk out of Starbucks and make my way to Sony Records to meet that guy from last night. I arrive at the studio take a picture of the logo and go to Twitter.

"@Kirsty__Roberts: At Sony Records :D Have no idea what for yet. Will kee you updated. #WonderingTweet"

"Good morning. I'm Adam Walker. Come this way please." He says, showing me into his office.

Hi I'm Kirsty Roberts." I say walking into his office.

"Nive to meet you Kirsty. So the reason I told you to come here today is; I think you have an amazing voice, and I took a video of you and your friend from last night, and let a few people watch it, like music producers etc. They say that we are going to lose a person with the voice of an angel, if we don't sign you with Sony Records. So what do you say?" He asks getting up from his chair, walking to get coffee from the table by the window.

I look at him and just think of how amazing this would be. I love music, when I sing to myself, I feel so much better and its my way of expressing my inner most feelings and thoughts. I write lyrics to how I'm feeling at a present time and everything just helps me express myself. But I also love beauty, acting and modeling.

"Well Adam, this sounds like an amazing once in a life time opportunity, and I will be over the moon if this happens. So my answer is yes." I say nodding my head.

I can't believe this is happening. Is this real? Must I pinch myself? Could this be my chance to become famous, be accepted and loved and make people happy by making music and helping them and inspiring them, by sending a positive message out through music?

"Splendid. Excuse me for a second." He says.

He walks out of his office, which gives me time to tweet what just happened to me.

"@Kirsty__Roberts: I have been offered a HUGE record deal with Sony Records. I'm stoked!! :D <3 :')"

He come back into his office with stapled pieces of paper. I think its a contract. He sits behind his desk, reads the contract out to me, and its a record deal of $5 000 000.

"Now if you can read the contract through yourself, to see if you agree to the terms and conditions and you can sign it." He says handing me a contract.

I take it and start reading it through. Its quite a long contract, but eventually read it through and sign. It feels like I'm signing my life away. But for this I would sign my life away with pleasure. He takes the contract and gives it to his secatary to make a coy for me.

"Well Kirsty, now that the contract is signed, we need to get you noticed by the public. And how are we going to do that you think? Well I was thinking, we put your video I recorded last night, put it on Youtube and see how much the public loves you." He says in one breath.

"Okay, that sounds good. But what happens to my job?" I ask him. "I work at Teen Vogue and I just started 2 weeks ago." I state to him.

"I'm afraid you'll have to leave your job Kirsty. We need all of your attention on this from today. So you decide what you want to do." He calmly says.

I think about this, must I carry on working at Teen Vogue as an intern or follow my singing career. This is a lot to take in, in such a short time.

"Okay, would it be possible if I leave on Wednesday?" I ask him.

"I have a photo shoot tomorrow with One Direction at Teen Vogue. I really don't want to let the editor or them down." I sat with a smile.

"That will be fine." He says.

"I will see you on Thursday morning at 10:00am." He says shaking my hand leading me out of his office.

I walk out of the office and get my copy of the contact and walk out to the busy street. Its 2:00pm and I need to do a little shoping and purchase the iPhone, everyone says I must purchase. I call Kyle and tell him to meet me at Starbucks on Madison Avenue.
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