New Beginning

Kirsty is the girl that all the guys want, that all the girls want to look like and who everybody hates but secretly loves. She had a boyfriend, great friends, but when things start to go from amazing to horrible, she knows its time for a life change. She moves to New York City to start over. She moves in to her very own Manhattan apartment, gets and internship at Teen Vogue, makes friends. She hits the big time when she meets 5 guys who change her life forever. Does she live her life as a normal girl trying to find her place in the world? Or live her life as a celebrity she is about to become?


9. Recording with One Direction...

Hey hey hey :) So what do you think of the last chapter? Was it any good? I hope it was!! Anyway here is chapter 9. Hope you like it. Please like, comment and fan. It would really mean a lot and make me happy that people like my fan-fic :)

*Two weeks later*

I get woken up by Kyle and Hailey jumping on my bed telling me to wake up because I'm on TV. The video of Kyle and I singing at that club the other night is on TV. I jump out of bed and run to the sitting room, I sit on the couch and keep my eyes on the tv.

"And this is Kirsty Ronerts for you. Will she be the next big ting in the music bizz? Well we'll just have to wait and see!" Ryan Seacrest says.

I look at Kyle and Hailey for a moment, and smile. I can't believe I was just on television, on the E! Entertainment channel, singing. Adam did say I was going to be put on Youtube to let the public see the video. I didn't know it would have made it on TV at all. I get my laptop off the coffee table and click on the safari icon and I type in the website bar and let the page load. I see my video at the top of the list 'Recent Videos'. The title of the video is 'kirsty Roberts. Will she be the next BIG thing? Watch this and you share your thoughts'. The video already has two million views and thousands of comments.

"She's amazing. Her voice and looks are A++ :) She is def going to be the next big thing!!! :)" one comment read.

"Out of this world!! Brilliant!!" Another comment read.

"She sucks! Keep singing in bars and clubs. Because that's where you belong!!" Another comment read

That comment hurt as I read it. But I brush it off like it was nothing. I'm not going to let one bad comment stop me from going after my dreams, what I want in life, and what I want for myself. Hate should not stop anyone from going after their dreams. I close my laptop go get my iPhone from my bedroom and go to the kitchen where Kyle and Hailey are preparing breakfast. I grab some coffee and make my way out to the terrace and sit down on the outside sofa. I put my feet up on the table and drink my coffee. I swipe my finger over the unlock screen and go to Twitter. I see a red notification at the @ icon at the bottom of the screen. I press on it and see all these mentions from people that I don't even know telling me how great my voice is and a few hate mentions as well, but I ignore them. I reply to some of the people that sent me kind comments and also follow some people back. I've got 96 851 followers already, just over a video.

"Kirst, breakfast is ready." Haily shouts from the kitchen.

I get up, take my coffee mug and my iPhone and head into the kitchen. It smells so good in here, it reminds me so much of home and my parents. I miss them so much.

"Smells good guys." I say to Hailey and Kyle.
"And it better taste good to!" I say winking at them.

We finish breakfast and I put the dishes in the dishwasher. Finally I can use the dishwasher for the first time. I make us all some coffee and we all go sit on the terrace. We are all in our PJ's still and its already 9:00am. I call Hannah Adams, the girl at Starbucks I met the other day, and ask her if she would like to accompany myself, Hailey and Kyle to the studio today. She says yes and I tell her to come over to my apartment to chill before we leave.

"I'm just going to shower loves. Be right back." I tell Hailey and Kyle.

"Yeah I probably should do the same." Kyle says.

I finish showring and let Hailey take over the bathroom. By the time Kyle gets back to my apartment, Hailey is still not done in the bathroom. She is taking forever and she is going to use up all the hot water. Hannah arrives, dressed in a mini skirt, black top, cardigan, sneakers and no bag. She's the first girl I have seen that doesn't carry a bag with her.

"Hey Han. Come on in." I say giving her a hug.

"Hey. Thanks for inviting me to come with you to the studio today." She says back.

I introduce her to Kyle and Hailey and they chill with her as I go and get ready. I stand in my walk-in figuring out what I can wear to the studio today. I stand in there for about 10 minutes looking through my clothes.

"HAILEY!!" I shout from my walk-in.

Hailey comes running into my walk-in and asks me what's up. I tell her I need help with finding an outfit for today. Since she is a model, and has exellent fashion sense, she takes out a white Chanel pencil skirt, a black and grey feathery Louis Vuitton blouse, a Hermes bracelet, a black Balen Ciaga handbag and a white pair of Christian Louboutin heels. She goes out of my walk-in so I can get dressed. I do my hair and make-up and we get down to Hailey's black Range Rover. We get in and I go onto Twitter.

"@Kirsty__Roberts: Going to the studio today. This is what I'm wearing. Picture #1 Chanel pencil skirt! :)"

"@Kirsty__Roberts: Picture #2 Hermes bracelet! :) <3"

"@Kirsty__Roberts: Picture #3 Balen Ciaga handbag :) <3"

"@Kirsty__Roberts: Picture #4 Louis Vuitton blouse :) <3

We arrive at the stuydio and Hailey complains about her parallel parking. I have to tweet a picture of this. I open Twitter again and tweet a picture of Hailey's parallet parking.

"@Kirsty__Roberts: Hailey complaining about her parallel parking. Its not that bad."

I hit the tweet button and exit the app. We walk in the studio and there stands Adam speaking to someone on the phone. We wait until he's done on the phone and we follow him into his office.

"Good morning Kirsty. And who are these people with you?" He asks me.
"I know Hailey. So who are the other two?" He asks.

"Morning Adam. This is Kyle and Hannah, my friends. Hope you don't mind me bringing them along?" I ask him smiling.

"No, not at all. Nice to meet you." He says shaking Kyle and Hannah's hand.

"Well as you know Justin Bieber and One Direction are in new York as we speak." Adam says sitting down.

"They saw your video on Youtube and they want to record a song with you. This will be your first song that will go out to the world. So what do you say?" He asks.

I look at Adam for a few minutes and try and figure out what he's trying to say about Justin and One Direction, and me recording a song with them.

"So they want me to record a song with them?" I ask quite surprized.

"Yup." Adam says nodding his head.

"Well my answer is a big yes." I say excitedly.

Adam smiles broadly at me while dialing a number into his office phone. I look at Hailey, Kyle and Hannah and they're laughing at the way I'm carrying on. I nearly start crying that's how happy I am. I take my phone out of my bag and text Harry.

"Me: You and the boys want to
record a song with me? Tell
me this is true Harry?"

I send the text to him and put my phone back into my bag and get up to follow Adam out of his office and up the stairs to the recording studio. I hear my phone bing. I take it out my bag and its a text from Harry.

"Harry: Yes love. Its true.
We will see you in a few. :)"

I smile at the text and put my phone back in my bag. I get up to the recording studio and its big. I love the way this place looks, is like you can be at home in it. We all sit down on the black couch that is against the brown wall where the producer works his magic.I hear screams coming from down stairs, I peek my head around the corner of the staircase and I see the boys in the foyer of Song Records.

I rush back into the studio and sit down next to Kyle on the couch. Adam goes down to the foyer to tell the boys to come upstairs to the studio. I sit there nervous as hell and I have butterflies. Just like everyday for the last two weeks I've been hanging out with the boys. I love this feeling of butterflies in my belly. Its the best feeling ever. I hear the boys come up the stairs. I sit up straight and wait for them to enter the room. First Harry comes in, he's looking down at his phone typing something. He looks up and our eyes meet. There was a connection just like the other times. There is something between us, like a spark. I stand up and Harry walks over to me and smiles and hugs me, and gives me a kiss on the cheek.

"Hello again Beautiful." He says.

"Hello handsome." I say blushing.

We look at each other for a while before the rest of the boys come into the studio.

"Hey Kirsty." They all scream giving a group hug.

I introduce the boys to Kyle and Hannah. Hailey and Niall hug each other and have a little make out session in front of everyone.

"Get a room you two." Louis says.

They pull a tongue at him and sit down. Adam comes back into the studio and sits in front of us in a swing chair. He discusses how the song is going to be done, and this this is going to be a lengthy process in getting the song to sounds exactly right. He hands us each a piece of paper with the lyrics to the song that the boys and I will be singing together. I read through the lyrics and I like it and know it. We are singing or covering a song from High School Musical 1 - Start of Something New.

"You all know your parts of the song?" Adam asks us.

We all nod and make out way into the recording booth. We adjust our microphones and put our headphones over our ears. Adam gives us a thumbs up and we start singing.

"Harry: Living in my own world
Didn't understand, that anything could happen
When you take a chance."

"Me: I never believed in what I couldn't see
I never opned my heart to all the possibilities.

"Me & Zayn: I know,
That something has changed never felt this
And right here tonight."

"All: Chorus: This could be the start of something new.
It feels so right to be here with you.
And I know looking in your eyes
I feel in my heart,
The start of something new.
Ooooooh yeah.

When we sang the chorus, Harry pointed and smiled at me smiling.

"Me & Louis: Now who would ever though that
We'd both be here tonight oooooh yeah.
And the world looks so much brighter oh."

"Me & Niall: with you by my side."

"Me & Harry: I know something has changed
Never felt this way.
I know it for real."

All: Chorus.

"Me and Liam: I never knew that it could happen till it
Happened to me, ooooooooooh yeah.
I didn't know it before, but
Now its easy to see.

All: Chorus.

We do the song about 6 times before Adam thinks it sounds perfect. I am so surprised my voice sounds like this from the recording we are listening to right now. They boys and I sound great together. Our voices just blend together. Smooth and in perfect harmony.

"Well that's a wrap people. We'll put it in post, edit it up and release it. You all sounded amazing." Adam says smiling proudly.

We all goodbye to Adam and make our way downstairs. There aren't any fans outside, so its safe to go home.

"Harry, would you and the boys like to come to my apartment for dinner?" I ask him nervously.

He looks at the boys and they all agree. We all go back to my apartment and Kyle and Hannah start dinner. Harry and I talk and all the other boys play Fifa 12 on my playstation 3 before dinner is ready.
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